You could select all of them (except admin) and insert login/email in the wordpress database, but the passwords would have to be regenerated - users would have to use the "forgotten password" stuff smile
The plugin move wordpress users to punBB, but not the other way.

It doesn't use punBB users - only wordpress users will be used.

The latest plugin is designed for Wordpress 2.6.

What Wordpress version are you running? wink

it will be pun/flux compatible smile This is update so it will work with current 1.3 line (last update 7 months ago when the 1.3 was much different wink)

punFramework have been updated to work with fluxBB Beta 2 smile

- English info and download
- Polish info and download

very strange neutral


you can add in footer.php:


and compare the cookie when you login in punBB and when you login with wordpress if for the same user cookies will be the same smile (note: WP and punBB admin must have the same password...)

for localhost it works without modification ($cookie_domain = 'localhost'; $cookie_path = 'localhost/'; )

Plugins released for punBB/fluxBB 1.2 and 1.3

- English
- Polish

plugin for 1.3 punbb/fluxbb will be released soon smile

Wordpress 2.6 and punBB 1.2.19 working plugin is on my localhost. I'll release it probably tommorow smile

I'm preparing (~1 week) an updated version of the plugin for latest punBB 1.2 and latest WP. (and commint soon for 1.3 punBB) and I'll try to add more flexibility to the cookie creation.

it depends on PHP version (probably using PHP5 setcookie function params).

Warning: include(../forum/config.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\wamp\www\wp\wp-content\plugins\jl-punbb.php on line 62

there is no ../forum/config.php so check all your paths from WP folder to punBB folder smile

There is no valid language pack '' installed. Please reinstall a language of that name.

the globals disaster is here. Add: $pun_config, $pun_user, $lang_common to global variables smile

powerlessracing wrote:

After that my plan was to change line 71:

setcookie($cookie_name, serialize(array($user->id, md5($cookie_seed.sha1($user_pass)))),  time() + 31536000, $cookie_path.'; HttpOnly', $cookie_domain, $cookie_secure);


$user_id = $user->id;
$form_password_hash = pun_hash($form_password);    // This could result in either an SHA-1 or an MD5 hash (depends on $sha1_available)    
$expire = ($save_pass == '1') ? time() + 31536000 : 0;
pun_setcookie($user_id, $form_password_hash, $expire);

My setcookie is taken form pun_setcookie function to avoid including punBB and playing with $variables globalisation big_smile

In the integration function that uses something from punBB code.

function foo()
global $db;
// the code

punBB integrating has one shit-point - it variables like $db has to be global in classes and functions you want to use - try globaling $db and other variables if it wants to - and that's the reason the jl-punbb is no-punbb-include smile

I'll look at this smile

you can measure script speed using Linux/BSD box and HTTPERF or Siege tools to launch an army of HTTP requests to tested script and compare times needed to handle all requests. In my old tests with httperf (20 connections with 5 requests per connection) punBB 1.2.14 used 2,93s, txtBB 1.3.rc3 - 3,4s, phpBB 2.0.22 - 3,97s, SMF 1.1.1 - 4,93s, phpBB by Przemo 1.12.5 - 4,93s. smile

I can't change anything in my Punbb profil (avatar, location and so on), because i'm redirect to Worpress user panel.

Did you put the redirect in the right place (for passwor changes) and are you logged in into punBB ? smile

yes, only then

User can change punBB profile settings but not login/logout/register or change password smile

It works on 2.3.1 on my localhost without any changes.

$cookie_domain = '';

and you don't put www. in domain names