To give a practical example of the need for email notification: I just had an email from a member complaining because people had contacted him directly by email, from the forum. I think some members will never like being contacted directly by emails whereas they would accept an email notification. It's a small but important frontier for many people.

could not find in the forum wether we can now send mass private messages ?

Ok I finally found out, just use unix_timestamp() .
(it just didn't work int he first place...)

I have a table with a field 'register_date ' which stores date_time values.
I would like to insert this in the punbbusers table, but don't how to convert datetime into timestamp.
Should be straight foreward, but I can't find any help on the mysql doc...


I'd like to set up the new css (the one this forum is currently using) on my forum, but without upgrading (for the time being). Is this possible ? I tried to simply upload new css from the release and select new ones but didn't work.