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pogenwurst wrote:

Steal These Buttons has a similar one to the second.

Nice though.

Actually - that was mewink
And another one here...

tamlyn - I like the gray/blue one. I wouldn't have thought that those colors might go together, but it looks mighty decent. big_smile


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How many times?

Well, not even once - but its a great thing that you went ahead and did it.
All I'm hoping for is some great punBB GreaseMonkey scripts to come out soon.


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Now using this. *lol* Love the icon.

Thanks Rickard. wink


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Connorhd wrote:

I dunno if you have noticed but the actual reason behind that site is for the owner to get $1 for referrers to googles toolbar and $100 for adsense referrers tongue

I do - actually, I found this site through their main one. That's doesn't detract from the humor of the site.


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Signed and Pictified.


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13 Good Reasons To Switch From Internet Explorer To Firefox

1. You'll only see porn when you want to.

Sick of seeing pornographic pop-ups all over your computer while you're helping your daughter with a research project? Since Firefox blocks pop-ups, you won't get tons of porn in your face when you're least expecting it. On the flip side, since Firefox stops spyware from taking over your computer, there will be nothing to slow you down when you go and look for porn.

10. It's like switching from dating a 14-year-old to dating an 18-year-old.

...for a 16 year old, we mean. You know, it's a win-win.

13. Because the Department of Justice Lacks Balls.

They spent years and years on the Microsoft anti-trust suit and it did absolutely nothing to reduce Microsoft's monopoly. Great work guys. It's time to take the law (erm, the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890?) into our own hands.



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Very clean. big_smile
Good job!


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Pos3idon wrote:

nice work - where can I find the Random quote 1.0 ?

Dont think that it exists.

First, why does there need to be an image for hot topics? I've seen this on other forums, and don't really see the point to it. It baits people to certain discussions while leaving others in the dust.

Secondly, I think that the greyed out text and post-icon is much clearer than an image. And the same with the colored boxes that show that there has been a new post. Colored = new post. No color = no new. How much clearer do you need it?

Thirdly, images aren't necessarily good. In fact, most people that I know that have changed from other systems to this one appreciate the fact that there are really no images in the entire thing.

However, if you want to add them, you can. Just look around the PunRes wiki. wink

I think this is a  fantastic idea (thanks Tobi) and that the 'no function' button is a great solution to the problem of submitting changes.


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What a f*cking idiot. Seriously.

I have been reading the different posts from forum to forum by him, and he just comes off as an ignorant and stuck-up prick. I mean, he bulls*its all of his stats. Why? If he's right couldn't he just as easily win the argument with the 'facts'?
No - because he's wrong. Dead wrong.

Heh - Out of the 800 unique hits in the last 2 days, IE isn't even on the top 15 browsers to visit my site. coming in with a whopping 17 hits. Whoopee.
I went to his site and its pure shite. Who cares about him - seriously, this dude is a waste of brain-power. Oh, and air.


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Connorhd wrote:

Rod when did you post specific suggestions like that?

Maybe there should be an ajax section of punres since its kind of a topic on its own, theres a couple of things already been done, and it would be nice to collate it all.

I second this suggestion.


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That is the best thing I have seen since potato bread - and I surely do love potato bread.

Will this be similar to the Package Manager in SMF? As in, will it be the primary way to easily Mod a board? Looks much more efficient.


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flx - I would be very interesting in trying this out. Sounds awesome.


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Done with hdiff. Thanks!


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So, what is my motivation to join this site?


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flx - So, is it possible to release something similar to the system you use to the general public?


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Smartys wrote:

Well, just a link to PunRes would work then tongue


Yeah, I think I'll stick with PunRes - great system over there.


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Very nice design.

Mediator - Just to reiterate, since I know the mod I'm asking for is a little more complex, I'm totally willing to pay a bit more to get it done.

I'm still willing to pay for this mod: http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=9026


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Dr.Jeckyl wrote:

notepad2 is a good choice. i use it. in fact i replaced notepad on my box with it so it's my default text editor.


ditto on this


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I've tried it. I was posting over there for a bit.

Anyways, I found it much slower than punBB. I like some of the ideas (no initial categories...only organized on an alternate page) - stuff like the whisper method...would like this better than PM system. Also the cleanliness of the posting area. Nothing to muddle it up - all centralized around the posts.


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Upgraded using the DIFF.
Flawless! Whee!


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I am still curious though.  What potential use is there for the silent admin editing feature?

I don't always want people to know when I'm editing a post - for whatever reason. Admins should have complete and total power...Its their board.
And this allows them to do it without any mussing around with databases.