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I...uh...donated a while ago.
Does it still count?



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I love the new look....Especially those sexy drop-down menus.


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Steve McQueen

deusiah wrote:

OK just thought I'd let you know the 0.5 release is officaly public.

Yes, but does it support the punBB bridging like you talked about in the beta?
I couldn't find anything on that...

Edit: Oh...Wait - I see it.
I'll get around to testing this when I get some personal time...

I am now...But those other times it wasn't rendering I guess.

I'm still getting the wierd square.


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Makes sense.

Yeah - that's all I see.


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It was there and I replied to it, but all his posts were deleted.


I'm personally for a minimal effect, which is why I use a tiny test script that shows the last 3 (two currently...I'll change that sometime this weekend...It used to be ten.) songs played.

scottywz- Wow...That sig is getting bigger every time I see it.

deusiah wrote:

OK I'm working on the punBB side of things now, just porting a few blocks and that however I have come across something confusing. I can't fnid a variable for private forums. Ones with permissions for certain groups like admins.

Does punBB not support forum permissions?


Yes, it does. Like with my forum right now (http://bb.zanthria.com), it only shows half of the forums until you log in. So, the group "Guests" doesn't have the "View" permission for the forums that don't appear.


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scottywz wrote:

You could also look in their knowledge base first. It's a problem with Microsoft® software, but....

I've checked. They claim that my software is a pirated version and that I need to destroy the disk and purchase a new version immediately. roll

I got it with a brand-new Dell from Dell. I don't think they'd pirate it. Plus, it was working fine on the other computer with updates...I think it's just linked to the old motherboard or hard-drive. Something like that ...

Oh, well...I don't need it.

deusiah - Great looking system!

The PM mod for punBB is here - http://punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=214
Works like a charm. wink

Hope you get the kinks worked out and can get punBB hooked onto the sytem. Good luck!

I just use Musikcube. wink


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Connorhd wrote:

erissiva, why?

Because of a key issue with the version of Windows I have. The thing is that my other computer got totally screwed up - twice.

So, the version of XP that I have is one of those "only made for the system it comes with", but I'm not going to purchase a new WinXP  when this one runs well. The thing is that SP1/SP2 say that my key is already registered or invalid, which is bull...But, whatever. roll


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Rickard wrote:

Don't forget about ShawnBrown's PunJS New Posts. It's a drop-in Javascript solution. I don't know if it works with 1.2.5, but I can't see any reason it wouldn't.

I'm not sure I want a JS getting loaded every time that a page is loaded.

ConnorHD - You're right. Like I said - I was just trying to work it out logically. wink
The only thing I'm afraid of is the mod not getting updated for the next version round.
I've tried getting ahold of the author, but havn't gotten a response yet.


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No, but the mod I listed (http://punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=321) still allows for the functionality of the "See topics since last visit", but as far as I know marks them as read if you've read it, and then when you click the "See topics since last visit" link again, that post won't show up as new since it's no longer new...It's been read.

This is what I'm saying about the mod - it shouldn't need to be a mod. It should be built-in functionality.


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hcgtv wrote:

After having used PunBB for the last several months, I like the way PunBB does it. Just click "Show new posts since last visit" on the top left and I can see all new posts.

Yeah, but with the new version of that mod, you can still do that.
That phpBB thing, however, just seems like an error. For the 2 years I used it, I never had that problem.

I have gotten used to it, it's just a little confusing at times. It took a while to explain to my users as the confusion is obviously seen here:


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or every topic they don't

This is already done...How much bloat would it be to add one more variable?

the thing is how long do you wait until the topic is marked read

This is already done too, so there wouldn't be any bloat there...

Edit: Connor - Sorry if I come off as arguing and a troublemaker - I'm not. Really, I'm just trying to logically solve a problem. I believe that this feature is very important and can be implimented without bloat at all. Almost every message board system out there has this function - I don't know why punBB has to trail the pack with this single feature.

When I first started in the world of community administration, I tried numerous message board systems...punBB has always been near the top of my list, but the only reason I stayed away from it for so long was this single issue - after learning a little more about the web (programming and such) I realized that just because it was lacking in one place, didn't mean it didn't make up for it in other ways.
But after being a part of this community for a couple months and seeing the way things work, I think that this is very feasible. So, the fact that it lacks in this issue shouldn't be a problem any more.

Whether or not this get added, I'm still going to continue using punBB and loving it - I just think that adding this will only enhance the usability and draw of this fine piece of software. wink

hcgtv wrote:

One thing I did was take out all the translation lines and just left english so the file was smaller to deal with.

Also check out the toc.php file in the downloads section of snif, I use that also.

I actually took out more than that... *lol*
Whiddled it down to around 46 kb...I could prob. get it smaller in time, but I don't wanna screw it up for the time being.

I've been looking at that toc.php script, and I don't really understand the usefulness of it except to display the contents of every folder in one place...But, that could be really confusing.


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Connorhd wrote:

erissiva, the reason for this is because of the amount of information that needs to be stored for it to work, and before a debate starts i suggest you read some of the older topics about this

I have and I understand.
However - I do believe that the process could be simplified with simple logic. e.g. - Instead of using even the simplist of units (on and off - 1 and 0), you could eliminate 0 altogether.
My understanding of programming isn't top-notch, but logically it should work without using much space at all...No bloat.

hcgtv - Thanks for pointing me in the direction of snif. After looking around the code and CSS, it took a bit to get it looking anything like my site, but now I have a preliminary downloads section for my site.



There are a few modifications that need to be made (aka - integration with my site...Links and the such), but over time it will happen.

Gary - That's exactly what Pookmail is. There's no setup.
I believe Pookmail has more options and is much faster.


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I don't even use SP1....
I'm still at WinXP Pro v2002. *lol*

However, I have all my updates up-to-date...Instead of doing the whole SP1/SP2 thing, I just installed all the necessary updates manually - not just ffrom the WinUpdate site.