Hm... And how is with phpBB to integration with Matchmaker - have you any experience?  On deltascript site the admins arent generosity to share information with other users or help them. smile

Is possible to integrate punbb into PHP Login System with Admin Features? … index.html

Download url: …

Rod wrote:

mmmmmmmmmmmm great script Match Maker ... thanx smile

yes, and it would be nice to integrate punbb forum in Matchmaker system...


Have anybody manage to integrate Matchmaker php dating script into Punbb,  or inverse, so it would be only one login and register page for both of them? Or is possible to make mysql fetch from matchmaker sql base to import matchmaker user/pass into punbb (to share users)?

sorry for my bad english


i use this mod for my forum

Mako wrote:

lol thanks.

v1.0.4: Download Here

does his work with pun 1.2.1?

does he actually have new messages though when he goes into messages, e.g. does at least one of the messages have a blue square next to it?

Yes, the messages come thru in my inbox, but i dont get this:

If i send messages loged as Administrator to some member, he (sometimes) dont get displayed "There are new messages " - Othervise (reverse) - if a member send me a message when i was logged as Admin, i get "There are new messages " anouncment.

hm, get this error on winxp under apache:

Notice: Undefined index: o_pms_enabled in C:\intranet\Apache2\htdocs\board\include\pms\functions_navlinks.php on line 4

Notice: Undefined index: o_pms_messages in C:\intranet\Apache2\htdocs\board\include\pms\header_new_messages.php on line 11

huh, man thanks, i waited really for a long time for releasing of this mod... great job!

PS: sorry for my bad english

alexkingorg wrote:

Ok, I've hacked together a version that should work with PunBB 1.2.1.

You can download it here: …

Let me know if it misbehaves.

Thanks, it works with 1.2.1 ! smile wink

Rickard wrote:

No, that's not what I meant. I meant that I don't want people to believe it's PunBB. It must be clear that it is PunBB but with a bunch of modifications applied. You could perhaps write "Based on PunBB 1.1.5" or something like that.

Like that?

Rickard wrote:

This is essentially a fork of PunBB, and if you're going to release this to the public (like I guess you just did), I suggest you call it something else than just PunBB. Especially if you're going to put a link to a Slovenian dating site in the footer. I don't want to be affiliated with any dating site.

Also, I would appreciate if you didn't promote it here.

OK, no problem... I remove footer link to punBB site.

Connorhd wrote:

by pool you mean poll?

yes, sorry wink

Hi, you can downloadet this modified version of punbb 1.1.5. It have integrated poll, private messaging, post preview, last 5 active topic, avatar gallery:

When you install punbb, just point your browser to

sorry for my bad english

Is it possibile to use this active topics code under v.1.2.1 ? in 1.1.5 works great....

cuteseal wrote:

Hi guys, thanks for the compliments.  You can download my active topics mod version and recent topics here:

To include them, I use the following lines in index.php

echo '<table class="punspacer" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="4"><tr><td> </td></tr></table>';
echo '<table border="0">';
echo '<tr><td width="50%" valign="top">';
echo '</td><td width="50%" valign="top">';
echo '</td></tr></table>';

Hi, the doesnt exist?

Nekaj me zanima, ?e mi kdo morda lahko pomaga, namre? pogre?am opcijo za po?iljanje privatnih sporo?il v vi?jih verzijah od 1.5.5. Jo je komu uspelo vgraditi v 1.2.x verzijo?

Lepo, Janez... ?uj, kako si prevajal tale punBB, kar z notepadom ali pa s kakim posebnim programom, ki ti verjetno zelo olaj?al delo?

Lep pozdrav

Connorhd wrote:

no read all the above posts ^^

ups...   wink

Is there out yet the Private_Message_System for punBB v1.2 ?

I got this error:

Parse error: parse error in C:\intranet\Apache2\htdocs\forum\install_mod.php on line 32