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webserver configuration, happened when we took the first VPS from Dreamhost as well.


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KeyDog wrote:

This thread might help you

tnx, KeyDog - that was great, we want to add the latest Twitter entry from an user like the mod we had in vb

any updates on this? can it be an issue with future upgrades?


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the site is down  sad  was Ozone shared under GPL?


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realtime chat would be nice - anyone found a solution in 1.3.x ?


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hehe, I played that... never thought about the forum too much, but now I realize it was PunBB I was looking at. I'm such a noob....

check the DB tables, that would be my first guess if it worked and it stopped now. the collation settings as well, if you moved from another host. post the debug logs here, as suggested. good luck!


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your designs are nice, but a little girly for our theme. can you do something about portable gadgets?


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hey, great work. I will try to use one on my newly found niche blog and post a backlink to your site. I wish more people would do things selfishly like you.

I like that - you gave me a nice idea for a niche. Thank you!


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qie wrote:

i'm just looking for how to disable this query.

did you figure out a way to disable this? I am seeing it on my trial installation now... neutral


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I have a combo made of Kaspersky and Malwarebytes AV. Have been using Avast with some success before, but I could see the differences (using Symantec AV Corporate at work), so that could not remain as an option.
Interesting enough - the full version of Malwarebytes has a real-time IP protection module, and it can also run at scheduled times. If the bug is on their list, you'll only notice the removal and everything is done with minimum costs in terms of memory and CPU (under Windows 7 at least). If you want the full version, you can save a few dollars with a Malwarebytes coupon code shared by users


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I am really new here - my vbulletin admin left the team and we are considering moving to punbb as well.
Two years ago we had outgrown phpbb and though vbulletin was the way, but the site is impossible to manage, with all the customizations we need in place. Importing RSS would be nice...