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pepolez wrote:

If you feel comfortable doing so, I'd suggest that you simply make your router act as a bridge (i.e. transparently foward all requests to your server) assuming it's your gateway box as well as your server.

That's what I did:

Now the router is transparent, the server has two NICs and is the server itself which is acting as a router (via ipwv divert and nat -Mac Os X Server-) between the world and my LAN. Now PunBB records correct user  IPs.


(7 replies, posted in PunBB 1.2 bug reports)

elbekko wrote:

Still the same thing wink Your router works as a proxy, so every user that comes through has that IP wink

The IP of the machine in which the punBB resides?
My router has NAT activated and a DMZ defined, DMZ is the router is
So the solution is to use NAT and opening ports into the server instead of using a DMZ IP?

Until last week I had two NIC cards in the server, one connected to the WAN and the other to the LAN. The server was doing NAT (via "divert" rues from ipfw) and no problem at all.
I changed it 'cause the spare machine I have just in case the main server fails, is a small 1U rack machine with only one Ethernet interface.


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Sorry, rereading my post I realized I wrote a mistake. Its not the router address which is registered in punBB but the IP of the server is the address of the server whilst the router has the IP
So punBB remembers the IP of the server ( in which it is installed instead of the users IP

Again... any suggestion? (And my apologies for my mistake)


(7 replies, posted in PunBB 1.2 bug reports)

I'm unsure if it is or not a bug.

Since last week I was running PunBB in a machine with a public address.

Now I moved PunBB to a machine inside the LAN. The router is forwarding port 80 to this local machine.
Now, in every post, PunBB says the sender IP is which belongs to the router instead of registering the real user IP.

Any suggestion?

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Rickard wrote:

Huh? What do you mean? Which browser?

Same here, with Safari.