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Thanks hcgtv. I think that that did it!


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Can we also place it in the template file or does main.tpl does not accept php?


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We started this forum as a response from users of the official Manifesta 6 forum. (For those ones here not in the arts Manifesta is a Europe based contemporary art biennial which was to take place in Cyprus this Sept). We have slightly modified the source so as to suit our existing site's layout but at the same time we wanted it to stand independent from it. Like in the original Manifesta forum (now closed), we decided to leave it open for guests.

The rss feeds from our main site are brought in by feed2js

The address is forum.neme.org

Comments/critiques/whatever are welcome both here and there .


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does your code automatically correct already posted threads?

>edit: corrected typos


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Many thanks, one small correction in your code to help with validation and for the sake of other people here who wish to follow your advice.
The problem with the original code was that it was producing duplicate ids in the advanced search as well as a validation error for label which needs to be wrapped in an element.

Here is how I use it in our forum.

<div class="block">
    <h2><span>Forum Search - <a href="search.php">advanced</a></span></h2>
    <div class="box">
        <div class="inbox">
                <form class="search" method="get" action="search.php">
                    <p><input type="hidden" name="action" value="search" />
                    <label class="conl">Search keywords: <input type="text" name="keywords" size="40" maxlength="100" value="search" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = 'search';}" onfocus="if (this.value == 'search') {this.value = '';}" /></label></p>
                <div style="clear:both;"> </div>


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pogenwurst wrote:

See http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=65031#p65031 for some basic code.

To put it on every page, you can use the pun_include directive in main.tpl, as described in the docs.

hi pogenwurst
thanks for your reply and the link re code needed for the search. it looks ok but I'm yet to understand why I would have to use the pun_include (please do remember that I am very new at this smile ).

1. Do I need to paste/modify the search code in a new document, save it as a php file and then call it as described here in the main.tpl?

2. Do I just paste/modify the code in the main.tpl?

thanks in advance for your help


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and thanks for your replies
well I could replace them with their html entity but not all users can. Shouldn't this be part of the punBB parsing? I do not believe the problem is with the browser as the browser transmits what exists in the fields at the time. If what exists there is a copy/paste from a text processing program that's what it is going to transmit. I believe the character not to be a utf-8 one. And that is where the problem is.

Having non valid xhtml is not a big thing in forums but it would be cool if a global solution were to be found for these non utf-8 characters.


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Is there a way to include a quick search box in all the pages of the forum?
I've been using the txp forum for about a year and a half, and now that I'm starting my own forum I keep on thinking how the extra click to reach the search is some times pointless.

Hi smartys.
Firstly let me thank you for your offer to help.
Secondly, let me slap my forehead .. PunBB had no problem. I just did not upload the modified file

I have made some mods to my new forum but punBB seems to have cached some of the mods that I have deleted. Is there a way to delete this cache without affecting the functionality of the forum?

Maybe there should be a "How do I" forum in here, which will allow people to ask questions regarding the functionality of punBB.


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Similar question here. Is there a way to have the forum accept html? Textpattern forum has it (i could easilly ask there but maybe this is the proper venue for this question)


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I just started a forum using punBB. Although I have registered here some time ago, this is my first real project using punBB.

Question: is there a way for PunBB to recognise smart quotes copied and pasted by other programs (ie word, pages, whatever). Our new forum seems to be attracting a lot of copy/pasters and as they do that smart quotes are inserted in the posts rendering the post non valid xhtml strict.

I realise that forums cannot be so 'strict' in xhtml validation but the problem with smart quotes is nevertheless there as they are not visible  by some browsers (replaced by questionmarks in ie mac... ok dead but still kicking for some users).

For the sake of this post here are some smart quotes: ? and here is the validation page


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thank you all! will start the experiments now


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Hi all although I have registered some time ago, I did not have the chance to experiment with punBB yet so I concider myself new in this forum and software.
A very simple question.
Is it possible to have an invited members only forum with punBB?