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I recently upgraded to the latest PunBB version on Apache server with PHP version: 5.3.29, MySQL: 5.5.32-cll-lve, PHP server API: cgi-fcgi. The forum seem to have worked for about a week but as from yesterday, o member can log in.

I checked that all files have been transferred properly via sftp and the update seem to have run smoothly during the update.

Could someone advice me on how we could regain the functionality?

Hi guys

I'm not a programmer. I put together this extension after advice from people in this forum. Please feel free to update, enrich or adopt it.


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Fancy Stop Spam is your friend

brutallybiased wrote:

How can I edit the registration page so people don't need an email to register? Thanks.

This will infest your forum with spammers.


You should ask at the phpBB3 forum

Hi faraidwn

Junior members are not allowed to post images or links to prevent spammers using this forum.


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Alan wrote:

Is it possible to set permissons (passwords) for specific FORUMS.

you can set specific custom groups to view those forums with the same l/p they use for the rest

You can add

<ul><?php echo file_get_contents('http://your_forum_url.tld/extern-1.php'); ?></ul>

check out http://punbb.informer.com/forums/forum/ … -show-off/


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Hi Luca

Go to Administration > User Groups > Guests and set up their privileges there.

there used to be a plugin/mod for that. Maybe you should check the appropriate forum

You should nevertheless upgrade as there are security problems with the 1.2 branch

As there is sometimes a delay between a report of a spam post to the deletion of the user, it would be good if there was an extension (even better if it was a core functionality) which marks all banned users' links (including those in their profile) with a rel="nofollow" attribute.


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You can delete users after you ban them and the ban stays


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Hi,  Maybe if you can ask your question slightly differently as we don't understand exactly what you are trying to achieve.


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Hi, you could use html to break your announcement to as many as you want.


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Go To administration>users>bans (click on the button leaving the field empty)

I believe that IP logging should be made optional as many countries in Europe are making the practice illegal.

Try http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … video-tag/


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One thing. Never save in rtf as it might convert straight quotes into curly ones which would break the script.


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Open textEdit go to top menu textedit>preferences, new document (select plain text)

Quit textedit and start it again. Create a new document

paste the php code and save as .txt

Then find the file and change the extension to php:)

ps. if you can not see the file extensions, when on your desktop go to finder>preferences>Advanced>Show all file extensions


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tundern wrote:

Can you suggest a Mac app which will save the script as a PHP file? (HTML is a possibility also with TextEdit.)

php is a plain text file. so textEdit in plan text mode can save php.

If you use transmit, it can also create blank documents which can also be saved with any web document extension you like.

Alternatively, try BBEdit, textmate, dreamweaver, golive or any web authoring application.

I upgraded from 1.2.x to 1.2.x without any problems.

Do backup your db and files before the upgrade though!


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Timezone offset: +02:00
    DST: yes



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Modifying the htaccess will not corrupt your installation but it might return a 500 error at which case you just reupload the original one.

The messaging is for all users. Here it appears on the top right "new messages" underneath the main menu.