I believe that IP logging should be made optional as many countries in Europe are making the practice illegal.

Try http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … video-tag/


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One thing. Never save in rtf as it might convert straight quotes into curly ones which would break the script.


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Open textEdit go to top menu textedit>preferences, new document (select plain text)

Quit textedit and start it again. Create a new document

paste the php code and save as .txt

Then find the file and change the extension to php:)

ps. if you can not see the file extensions, when on your desktop go to finder>preferences>Advanced>Show all file extensions


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tundern wrote:

Can you suggest a Mac app which will save the script as a PHP file? (HTML is a possibility also with TextEdit.)

php is a plain text file. so textEdit in plan text mode can save php.

If you use transmit, it can also create blank documents which can also be saved with any web document extension you like.

Alternatively, try BBEdit, textmate, dreamweaver, golive or any web authoring application.

I upgraded from 1.2.x to 1.2.x without any problems.

Do backup your db and files before the upgrade though!


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Timezone offset: +02:00
    DST: yes



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Modifying the htaccess will not corrupt your installation but it might return a 500 error at which case you just reupload the original one.

The messaging is for all users. Here it appears on the top right "new messages" underneath the main menu.


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naruto7 wrote:

i meant like u click on that forum link an it requires a password to enter example we are playing a game online and we give out a promo code only the people who got the promo code or saw the promo code can see it the problem being u don't know who all saw it do u cant set up what users can see it or not thus the password, so im just sayin to add a cheack box in the edit part of each forum with an optional password

Could that be achieved with htaccess? It's slightly less user friendly as it requires modal windows but a possibility nevertheless.

naruto7 wrote:

i was intending this to be where u set it up just for one forum area like the "Hacking/Abuse Reports" so i wanted it to automatically to do it so its like a support ticket where only the user who posted it and the mod/admins can see it and post replys

There's the messaging system used in this forum. would that help?


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naruto7 wrote:

password protect certain forums (you may not see the point in it but its something i can use)

It's kind of there already. You can create forums which can only be accessed by a grfup of users you specify.

naruto7 wrote:

be able to hide posts from guests and members other than the person who posted it (obviusly mods and admins can see it to this is mostly for people reporting other members)

the report link at the bottom of each post can do that

naruto7 wrote:

be able to pin post to the top of the thread with them marked as pinned)

Not a bad idea:)


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dimkalinux wrote:

Not all banned users is spamers.
If user is spamer - delete it (remove user and all posts).

Hi dimkalinux

Moderators can not delete users so the job should fall either on admins or on moderators should the admins decide to give us such rights.


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dimkalinux wrote:

Remove all banned user is bad idea :-(
Remove all bans is good one :-)

Hi dimkalinux

I'm not sure what you mean.

But my main suggestion would be to remove all banned users from /forums/users/ and keep all bans in /forums/admin/bans.php


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hklown wrote:

Probably wouldn't be too hard to write a query for mysql to delete all banned users?

It would make a good extension or mod to this/other forums.


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dimkalinux wrote:

I am prefer remove spamers.

I have no problem with that. But is it not more work?

The admins will need to go through all banned members and delete them.


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True but the search engines see it, so even when we ban a spammer, their signatures are still there doing their 'job'.

examples (check banned user: hunk888)


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Can someone make the userlist invisible to non logged in users?

I think that spammer signatures take advantage of the open approach to the user base.


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Didn't get to thank you for this one. Spam posts reduced dramatically since I installed it.


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THere might be a problem with your htaccess file

might be a problem with your ftp client? I Remember somewhere there was a similar issue which was solved by using another ftp client.


Did you enable "DEBUG mode"? If not, can you do that and post the results here?


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dimkalinux wrote:

colac, can you add this to tracker? https://github.com/punbb/punbb/issues
Milestone 1.4 and description.

Done:). Thanks dimkalinux


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dimkalinux wrote:

Maybe better include last visited feature in core?
What exactly it mean?

Basically an extra information in profile stating when the member last visited or logged in the forum.

This will help in the administration as we will be able to check who - from our members - is actually visiting to at least read if not post.


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"member last visited on ..." extension might be good.


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doesn't StopForumSpam work for you?


Un-installing pun_attachment should solve this
if not
Can you check if there is a corruption which might need repairing in the db via phpmyadmin?