dimkalinux wrote:

colak, yes it how it works in 1.3.4 - user click on link on email, setup password and redirect on index.page. Not logged.
After this user may login to forum.

So what you say is that unless they login after they set up their password their status remain unverified?

Grez wrote:

What version of code are you using (I mean "normal" PunBB 1.3.4 or did you apply changes from SVN?)

I'm using v1.3.4. no mods.

dimkalinux wrote:

After user responded on confirmation email - it redirect to page with passwords. After user setup own password - it redirect to index page. At this moment user is a) Unverified b) Not logged.

When user logged first time - his group changed from Unverified to Member (default group).

I'm not sure as to what happens after they click the email confirmation except that a password is requested and supplied for. After that, the users just remain unverified without access to the forum.

I had a number of complaints from users who received and responded to the confirmation email but their status remained as "unverified user".

Is there anything I can do to check what's wrong?


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fantasma wrote:

fluxbb have extension system....

Unfortunately not


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hcs wrote:

The PunBB project will be continued.

By that time there'll be no community and no users to use it!


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fantasma wrote:

i have interest for continuing punbb project but NOW!!! (need fresh news from informer) or i will switch to fluxbb

i would switch to flux if they had the extension system. I'm not very good with mods

Apologies for those trying to download the plugin. We have recently redesigned our site and the file was somehow excluded in the upload. New download link is now working


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KeyDog wrote:

Starting to think informer is bust and no employees left tbh !

Reines wrote:

The forum software itself is released under the GPL. Anyone who wants to can take a copy, start their own community, and maintain/develop it as they wish. This is exactly what we did with FluxBB. There is nothing stopping you (anyone) doing this with PunBB, and creating their own version - as long as they abide by the GPL.

I am no programmer. Anyone interested in continuing this project? I'm willing to help in any way I can


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fantasma wrote:

Anyone can contact all community?

The current admin is KeyDog. I'm not sure if there's a mod here which will assist him to do that.

fantasma wrote:

or directly the informer staff?

keydog is in touch with the devs. I guess all we can do from here is build this thread as much as we can.


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I'm inviting all forum members to sign this thread whereas they moved on to other forum software or not.

Our request is simple

Return PUNBB to the community.

The software is open source and by stalling its' development is insane. There are enough php/mysql gurus here to keep the program updated and there are enough users left who can revive its popularity.



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Hi Loa,

This looks interesting.

I take it that I upload


in a directory called OxygenMobile in the style folder but where should I upload the following files?


Is there a way to include a script in main.tpl which is outside the user directory?

I've got the forum at http://forum.domain.tld and the site on http://www.domain.tld. I also have a php script on http://www.domain.tld/scripts/myscript1.php which I am  trying to include with

<!-- forum_include "http://www.domain.tld/scripts/myscript1.php" -->

but it does not work. Can anyone offer any advise?


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salsan wrote:

But if you use javascript, by disabling javascript they can take images from your website...

true. If you do not want any images to be stolen, do not upload them on the net.


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so can no one advice us on this?


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We were approached to set up a greek forum in our site for a particular discussion. Our current forum is in English and we would like to keep that. What we wish is to create a new forum using our existing install where all topics will be in Greek. Over at textpattern we have that, but we use a number of mods to achieve it.

Are there any guidelines and/or limitations regarding multi-language forums?


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Is there a way to limit the img tag only to specific user groups? ie. to all groups except guests and new members.


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got it:)



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When banning a member, the interface which is appearing shows username, ip and email.

I normally delete the entries for username and ip and I just ban the email.

How does the banning system work?

ie if i keep all and the spammer returns to re-register, does it find a combination  of the 3 or does it check for one of the three fields?

nhodges wrote:

I would add


Hi nhodges,

Thanks sooo much for looking at this. where should I add the code?


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Hi Grez, I think that net privacy etiquette demands such a feature. Remember the problem with facebook's lack of such functionality last year?


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I think that it is fair that an unregister interface where people can delete themselves (maybe not their user name and posts) should come standard with punBB.

KeyDog wrote:

From evidence on this board it seems that it is not efficient to load the bans list everytime a ban is submitted.

Why? Everytime the list is retrieved with all the users banned since Adam and Eva! wink - it would be good to paginate or somehow solve this problem, as it is real and imminent.


do you have any mods installed? The default install has the option and it does appear in settings>setup.