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En sitemap används för att dels en besökare ska kunna få en bra överblick över en sidas olika sidor men den används mest för att alla sökbotar från t.ex. Google och MSN ska kunna hitta till alla sidor och därmed få dem indexerade i sökmotorerna.

Maybe a bit late answer but make sure that auto_increment on the id column in the topics and posts tables.


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Hi ho,

Since this is a show off forum I figured I might take the chance to show off my forum. The forum is a extension to the site and is mostly used for support. Just like this one tongue

The forum is using mods like PM and Who's online. I've also made some changes in the profile section. The design aint that much to talk about. Added up some icons to make things look a little bit nicer smile

The url: http://forum.clanadmintools.com

Feel free to comment or even join the forum wink