Frank H wrote:

and you should make sure the page is really valid when using the valid badges ...

This page is not Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict!

And CSS check fails due to the xhtml isn't correct ...

because unicode encodeing, I'va a strange bug ..

still fix it ..

ok, I think I know the problem, I cannot use style , right ?

I'll change it this week, thanks.

Connorhd wrote:

you did change the copyright and now you have Site Copyright © 2005 OIKOS. All rights reserved. even though its not your site, you used which is not allowed

I think I miss something ...

I used style for my web style, and I just want others know :

These site use punbb for forums, and The site owned by OIKOS.

How could I write the licence ?

please tell me , and I'll change it.


I didn't remove copyright mark ..

and I made a new image for punbb in left side ...


These site for Chinese mac Users, I used xoops fot it before, and now change to punbb :-)

ok, I need this function for my site, but cannot find any tips here,

so I made myself , I'm a php beginner, so I use the stupid method for this.

this is my steps (and sorry for my poor English) :

1. backup first, and open index.php

2. find

<div id="idx<?php echo $cat_count ?>" class="blocktable">

and after

<div style=\"clear: both;\"> </div>

3. find

<tr<?php if ($item_status != '') echo ' class="'.$item_status.'"'; ?>>

and use if else function here, just like :

    if ($cur_forum['cid'] == '5')
 echo "<div style=\"float: left; line-height: 180%; width: 25%;\"> ".$forum_field_simple."(".$num_topics.")</div>" ;

$ cur_forum ['cid'] == '5')

5 is what you want sub forms Categories ....

sorry for my poor English again, if somebody want see the demo, please check mysite:



It's work for 1.2.x - 1.2.4 :-)

I try utf-8 for search, but not work for me, thanks.

Justin wrote:

Assuming you're able to run PHP via the command line, just call extern.php from cron every hour and save the output as a static HTML file. This technique is commonly used to reduce CPU load for RSS news feeds.


because i use web hosting service, so how can I set cron job do to this ?
and what's the static HTML file template ?

I try to write myself, but not really work.

Connorhd wrote:

look at the news plugin?

but news plunin need [click]

and I want auto :-)

just like I say,

somebody post or reply topic, extern.php made a html file [auto..]


really thanks.

great extern.php :-)

but  it connect mysql everytime, can extern.php write a html file to somethere, and like cache system ?

maybe ..
when somebody post or reply topic, extern.php made a html file  ...

I really think it's reduce the CPU Usage% and  faster then now :-)

any ideas ?


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and some web hostind limit your CPU usage ...

I use lunarpages service, and  paid for 200 gigabytes of bandwidth per month,

but last month, lunarpages suspend my site, because my site use HIGH CPU usage ...

I use xoops for all site.

now I change to punbb, the lower CPU usage, but lunarpages still told me , I use more CPU % ...

so , how about TextDrive ? I really need a Good web hosting ...

Rickard wrote:

I haven't tried this, but open up include/functions.php and look for:

$pun_user['timezone'] = $pun_config['o_server_timezone'];

Replace it with

$pun_user['timezone'] = '8';

That should do it.

yes !!!

It'a really work :-)

Thanks .

Rickard wrote:

Unfortunately not. Well, not unless you do a little hack. It should only be a matter of editing one of the scripts. You tell me, and I'll show you how.

dear Rickard

I have the same question , My server setup at USA(-08 PST), but I'm living Taiwan (+8),

when log out, the time is not correct, please tell me how, and I can change this code.

many thanks.

Gh()sT wrote:

It's not working for me... where is the poll.php for /lang/english/ ?

Warning: main(./lang/English/poll.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /xxxxx/viewforum.php on line 6

When I extracted the "pp" file (this is Demon's conversion to 1.2) , there was no poll.php in /lang/english/ ... so that gives me the above error.



you can download the orignal package, and copy this file to /lang/English/  :-)

this patch working for me, I use PUNBB1.2.1 , and you must  modify some code yourself.


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I think the question is your Mysql version, please check it again. … icode.html


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I have the same question with reviewum, why these forum change this forum scripts to others ?
My site use phpbb 1.x now, and more 15000 members and 250000, replys, I want to change to Punbb.
So any answers is good for us, thanks.