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I can not edit tags under tags management. I can see the list and can change tags but when I try to save it won't save.

Also, I would like as an administrator to be able to edit tags when editing the first post of a thread of any user.

If I post a new thread as the administrator I do not have the option to enter tags.

KeyDog wrote:

Did you ever try...

No I did not because post approval for me makes only sense if URLs are posted or if I could set to approve of posts of certain users only (who like to cause problems, constantly ignoring the rules, being rude or agressive, etc, maybe also connected to the ranking, e.g. new users with less than 10 posts).
More important would be registration approval but... only from users signing up from countries mentioned above.

I think that registration approval and post approval should be separate and not turned on by default as soon as the extension is installed. It would give the forum admins a bit of time to see and play...


pun_approval at the moment is either post and registration approval on or off. I disabled it due to lack of individual settings. Would be nice to have some fine tuning options like only registrations from India, Banlgadesh, Pakistan or the Philippines need approval and e.g. turning post approval off.


Kovalski wrote:

...and if the quantity fits the one you specified (or this constant is specified in administrator's options), you add the desired rights...

I would love something like that, add some more rights configurations to the ranking, e.g. no signature or website in the profile with less than 50 posts, when url is submitted post has to be approved (it is not possible in the post approval extension to switch off registration approval or post approval only on certain conditions). To have that with the ranking would be really nice.

I am not able to write extensions so I am hoping for some bright programer feeling sorry for me wink


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I just checked it, within .htaccess I can use the netmask too if I wanted to block the range from -

deny from 13


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thanks, no, I haven't tried .htaccess. I thought banning IP addresses/ranges is already a feature of PunBB and I was hoping for improvement. .htaccess is a possibility.

Thanks again.


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It would be nice to be able to restrict sign-ups to one or more countries because a forum might be only relevant to e.g. France or the countries of Europe.

In that way it would allow already registered users on holidays to log in from all over the world but e.g. spammers from countries other than the allowed would be locked out.



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Is it possible (or can it be made possible) to enter a network mask instead of the IP address range? It would be so much easier. E.g. when you have an ip range from e.g. - enter 13 or, as another option, have two text boxes that take the start and the end of the address range instead of having to enter a lot of IP ranges like: 118.112 118.113 118.114 etc

Or is there any other easy way?

I apologize if someone finds him/herself within the range of my example.


auto pruning of individual topics would be a really nice feature.

Or is there a simple way using a cron job?

I wish I was a programmer...


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I was reading an old post from phpbb http://area51.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic … 38#p193051 which basically said that there could be automatic DST handling which would eliminate the need for the DST flag.

I have problems with the time too. The server is set to UCT and I don't think it is wonderful to get the users to change the DST flag twice a year. The server shows the correct time.

some people in Ireland also have that problem (not just US and Canada). Changing the "Visit timeout" to 6000 seconds did not solve it. I just changed it to 20000.

I also have a few users that can not log in. I tried to log in using all the different browsers and it worked fine. I was told by somebody that Internet security software and toolbars might interfere with cookies. I know that some people have 6 toolbars - they can see only a small part of the web page  lol

I don't have any experience with tool bars and also would like to know what causes may prevent the login.

you can choose to allow/disallow images. Can that be extended to also allow/disallow links and/or email in BBCode?

It would be nice if it was possible to force registered users to have to read and accept the forum rules again after having changed them, e.g. show rules after logging in with the accept button before they can read or write posts.


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ignore user would be very useful because it adds some self regulation on heated discussions. People could ignore a user rather than "slaughtering" each other.

I do not understand why it says "discussion" after the extension request. I can't see this discussion helping to find or request that extension. Unfortunately, I am not a programmer... Hopefully one of the developers will see the request and will make us all the long awaited present wink



after upgrading punbb from 1.2x to 1.3.4 (I installed punbb 1.3.4 and worked on a copy of the existing db) I found the following bugs:

  • disallowing all CAPITALS in the topic or post did not seem to work - I was able to post all caps topics and posts
    Sorry, this problem is solved, my mistake!, I was logged in as admin - sorry again.

  • when there was a poll, I was unable to edit the first post. After removing the poll, the editing worked

  • not a bug but... the karma thumbs up/down should be visible when logged in only