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Created another one:



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Ups, I thought in the changed files are the files differing from the last mayor release?!
So if I want to update over more than one minor versions i have to use the complete update? OOOooops... but works fine at the moment. I will update the forum with the next release.


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The changed file is not in "punbb-1.2.10-changed_files.zip" sad


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Should it not be marked as label as defined in Essentials?
But ok, i did not see "#adminconsole fieldset th"...


the problem:
I habe inverted the block with "Forum      Topics      Posts      Last post" on it. So it is grey text on a black background.
When i change to the admin area into "Categories", then for example "Add a new category" is invisble, because in that context the background-color is not used. Thats not nice. smile
I think the mistake is here that it has been used "th" for the description in the whole admin area. Is that logical right? In my eyes it should be a "td", because "th" was created for an other context. Right?