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Does anyone know if a Serbian language pack is available for punbb1.3, i know there are for 1.2 but im not sure if there compatible with 1.3

Yes, both options are set correctly.

Strange bug hmm

Thank again for the reply, my extensions are:

PunBB Repository

    * Created by PunBB Development Team.
    * Version v1.2.3.

Pun poll

    * Created by PunBB Development team.
    * Version v1.1.10.

Private Messaging

    * Created by PunBB Development Team.
    * Version v1.2.9.

BBCode buttons

    * Created by PunBB Development Team.
    * Version v1.3.6.

Hi sry for the late reply.

No it doesnt.

Thas the code in the manifest.xml right?

no the panel does not appear at all.

In the html code i found this: <div class="sf-set" id="pun_bbcode_bar"></div>

That is the div where the buttons go right, however its empty

worked like a charm smile

Hi all, i have been developing a website with a punbb integration, till now im loving the forum, seriosly its simple to integrate and the gui is easily customizable which i love.

I have run into a bit of a problem tho.

The site im developing is going to be multilingual and each language will have its own subdomain so for example:

english: en.site.com
french: fr.site.com


I also have a .htaccess file which redirects all www.site.com requests to the equivalent en.site.com so i do not get 2 instances of english ie www and en since google will not like this.

I'm having a problem in punbb with this setup, i figured out what it is but i dunno how to solve it.

Basically when i try to post a new topic or edit something in the admin area it doesnt save. What is happening is that all the forms in the forum are sending their data to www.site.com and then the .htaccess is redirecting to the language, but the post is getting lost after the redirect.

Is there any way that i could get the forms to post to the correct subdomain? so if the forum is running under fr, the forms will post to fr and not to www

Anyone have any ideas?

Your help would be very much appreciated at this point

Hi this is very strange, i downloaded and installed the bbcode buttons extension via the forum and there not showing up at all.

I have tested in firefox and ie, with js enabled in both browsers.

Any ideas??

please help me cause this feature is vital for me to have