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Hi YonasH.

Could you make a variant of this interesting extension where this time only the administrators and moderators can hide topics? (or update this one with this option).


Thx. Happy for you  smile


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Hi alexp

Great extension! Thx.

But I found a bug when pun_approval is used along with some others extensions:

- Example with « Pun tags » (version v1.4.), the Tags of the message to be approved are lost and are no longer in the database;
- Same with « topic description » (version v0.5.0.), The description is also lost and deleted from the database.

(Tested on fresh install of PunBB 1.3.4)

Solution is very simple! With some hosters you must chmod the directory of the extension to 755 and not 777 and then the CAPTCHA image appears.


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KeyDog wrote:

It just doesn't show the topic description. It looks like any other normal topic (without description)
I can enter the topic description but it doesn't show afterwards.
No errors are reported anywhere.


On a fresh install of PunBB 1.3.4, I have the same problem with new version 0.5.0. But there is no problem with revisions 0.3.0 and 0.4.0. The data are however well in 'topic_desc' of 'topics'

I did several tests with no other extensions installed.

EDIT: In fact, the extension works perfectly but there is a small error. It is simply a permutation of functions between "Show the description after topic" and "Show the description when a user mouseover the topic link"smile  smile