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Yes, it does that, but I can't understand the code. Maybe if you just put the code for just the quote synatx...

(Sorry about the late response... just woke up! *yawns*)


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Can anyone give me a bbcode parser that does quotes like this:

[quote="Jhon"]Hello, world![/quote]

That would end up like this:

Jhon wrote:

Hello, world!

Exact look isn't necceary. I would just like to know how to do the above.

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Rickard: Thx alot!

Edit: This explains how to add more smilies manully, but when I go to the "Post Reply" page, that smilie that I added isn't displayed! Why? (Sorry if I worded my question odd)


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I don't mean to be mean or anthing: but (Rickard) Could you redo PunBB using templates or do you belive that would be too much to ask? Anyone else that wants to - be my guest! Please? yikes

I have a question: How do you add smilies to the displayed list? I put some in myself, and would like to add more so everyone can use them!

Edit: When I said "put some in myself" I mean I added more smilie code, but again, how do I get them to appear?

An alternitive to this situation could be making the quote without the links and then provide some explanation that the quote was from outside the topic and provide a link to wherever.


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Thanks!:) Another question neutral : Which files do I need to open and which ones do I avoid? i.e. Pages that contain tables or other things that would be displayed and ones that are just code and return values, not HTML codes for layout.


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I have a question: How do I change the COMPLETE look of PunBB (not just the colors, moving the who's online to the top... BIG changes)?:/ Anyone know where to look? Also, I don't want to do a lot of re-programming just because of cosmetic changes! lol


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Things like: font type (i.e. Courier New), view all the colors (unless processed ex: adds whatever entered into tage without thinking 'bout it), headers, strikeout, more or less along those lines.


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Where is it in parser.php? I'll put in the code, but which line?


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Does anyone know how to add your own BBCode? i.e. [font color="red"]This is red![/font] Anyone?


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Could you guys make a mod or apply this to the PunBB release? If you ever have gone to www.nintendo.com, you'll see in the forums that you have to be a certain rank to have a signiture, and another higher one to have images in the signiture. Can someone do that? It would be very nice! I would, but I'm not to good with PHP.