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i have not permission to download it !

Thx a lot, i have add it on punres.org wink

I have made a small fix. (get the PBB SpellChecker 1.01) and only replace include/lib/js/spellchecker.js and spellchecker.php

Empty your cache brower !

Now if you want to personalize the textarea when Spell Check, open spellchecker.php and found (~line 63)

        /* You can personalize textarea when Spell Check here */
        PBB_googie.PBB_TextArea_color = "#000000";
        PBB_googie.PBB_TextArea_border = "1px solid #FF0000";
        PBB_googie.PBB_TextArea_backgroundColor = "#FFFFFF";
        PBB_googie.PBB_TextArea_padding = "3px";




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you can delete it wink I have just write copyright in my mod to know who use her. Now i can make google search with keyword "PBB chatbox" and i know who use my mod ^^.

hum !!! just uncheck autoscroll in bottom (right) ! Or unceck it automaticatly.

For autoscroll is not checked at the start, just modify :


document.write('<span class="conr" style="width:150px;" ><?php echo $lang_chatbox['Autoscroll'] ?>: <input type="checkbox" id="autoscroll" value="" checked  tabindex="<?php echo $cur_index++ ?>" /></span>');


document.write('<span class="conr" style="width:150px;" ><?php echo $lang_chatbox['Autoscroll'] ?>: <input type="checkbox" id="autoscroll" value="" tabindex="<?php echo $cur_index++ ?>" /></span>');


$('autoscroll').value = 'true';


$('autoscroll').value = 'false';


b4Lz0R wrote:

one question
this Mod can Under my Security?
i mean Scripts and Alerts are working?

What navigator ? what operating system ? What anti-virus ? Explain more please wink

Now it's possible to put your chatbox on your index, see my code, i think it's more symply than codexp mod wink


@faax : Hummmmm aie aie aie,

Your solution is for users who use the modification of PBBChatbox 1.0 (AJAX) from CodeXP.

Your solution is not compatible with PBBChatbox 2.0 (AJAX).

Becarfull, if you use PBBChatbox 2.0 don't use this modification to your index.php

If somebody rewrite my mod maybe ^^ but not from me sorry.

And maybe i'm wrong, but i think PBB Chatbox (if you have a lot user who use them) use lower sql ressource in AJAX because on each refresh only new messages are send and post use same resource.

Final version with no bug (normaly ^^) is online.

Thx a lot, i will add it in the next version.

starshiner wrote:

Hi pokemon_jojo:

I tried your chatbox out.  I think I installed everything correctly.  But I got this error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare check_cookie() (previously declared in /home/xxx/include/functions.php:28) in /home/xxx/include/functions.php on line 28

hum.... i don't know why ! maybe you have made a mistake in your install ! Because i have no function check_cookie() in my script !!! I just include the common file.

Hum... don't use the chatbox on your site !!!! it's actually only a beta so, with a lot of bugs. Just test it and said me if you find any bug wink

Next when the final release comming, i explain to you how made to install chatbox on your index.php

The difference is that my mod have not the same code source of CodeXP.

I use Prototype JavaScript Framework v1.4.0, so code source is more clean.

Then all ajax feature are :
- Auto reload message list every X second (Adjusting in admin panel)
- Add only new messages, dont reload the entire liste
- Can on/off Autoscroll
- All errors are now in the chatbox (you can personalize them)
- You can change messages separation display
- Loading image when chatbox request server
- maybe other ^^

That's all for the moment



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Do you know Jedit ? (www.jedit.org)

It's a java text editor, and i like plugins system. You can check all plug-in directly from the editor and install/update is easy !

So if extension si only xml files, is it possible to have the same concept on 1.3 release ? (With punres who host all extensions)

And what about extension' update ?

Thank for your attention, and thank for punbb wink

hello, just a little message to said, i'm working on version 2.0 Final ^^

[?] PBB Gallery
[?] PBB ChatBox
[?] Puntal

When ? sorry but i don't know ^^ because actually i have lot of work, and i can't made th finale release, but if it's possible i want to finish her before december.

Nuphor wrote:

I seem to be having some trouble - http://www.theprotected.com/forum/gallery.php. This was all working yesterday, and I installed that easy smilies mod today. All seemed to be fine until I noticed that I couldn't view images within categories anymore. I didn't alter any scripts, but I suppose it's possible that the easy smilies mod could have screwed with the tables in some way.

Any ideas?

First, when i go on your site, i have this : Poki BB Gallery is not installed correctly. Please make sure you have launch install_mod.php

Please make sure you have install correctly PBB gallery

@faax : Can you post me your traduction, for this mod and PBB Gallery 2.0 mod please for i can add them to the other language.


@Rod : Maybe in the future version ^^ (But before i need to finish PBB Gallery wink)

Sorry, but i don't know what is this bug. I think it's your host who maybe desactive some functions (and errors of these functions).

Have you GD fonction on your host ?

If you can try the script on localhost (with easy php) and if th script is ok, we will know the bug come from your host (or disable function)