Ok, what im basically doing is integrating punBB and TBdev

What is TBDev?


It is a stable, open source, bittorrent tracker.

What's punbb?

You should know that tongue

What I am working on

Things i have done:

-Integrated tbdev's takesignup.php so when a user signs up, s/he is put in the punnbb_users table so passwords and username are the same for both

-Integrated the loging out, so when the user logs out s/he logs out of both.
-Integrate the Logins, so it will only use TBdev's log in page to log in the forum and the tracker

Things I plan on doing:

-For existing trackers with members when a user log's in the details(username,regdate ect..) get sent right over to the punbb_user's table

Expect arrival: Saturday tongue

Depending if you want to sign up or not i have the beta here:



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so you will help? i mod at that site, and im decent at php + mysql.

there are memeber snapsnots there to so you can have something different


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Why the hell not? right?

The best bittorrent php tracker, I've gave up on modding it with IPB, way to confusing, but looking at this code is fun, like looking at tbsource.

Though...i do need help, this looks like a really good/easy to mod forum software.

Well anyways can someone explain this code to me, or is it really simple to get?

If you want a updated version of tbsource check here:


On my site i use a moded forums that came with the tbsource and am looking for something more stable(you know not killing the pages with posting php..which ive fixed now smile))

Well peace I hope i find some people interested.