Thanks, will try this out and post back here on how it goes!

PunBB 1.2.x could integrate with Dokuwiki, or to be more precise DokuWiki could use PunBB's user login info.

Here is DokuWiki's page about it:

I am trying to get DokuWiki to user PunbBB 1.3's user info, but so far have been unable to get it to work. Has anyone here managed to integrate a wiki with PunBB 1.3?

I'm using it here:

My installation of 1.2.x got hacked, so instead of installing that again decided to try out the beta version. It's working fine so far.


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You can use Google Calendar, and put it on a page on your website. … swer=41207

Are there any other themes besides the current one included in the beta?

The beta theme is nice, but there isn't enough contrast b/w posts/sections.

DokuWiki integrates with Punbb 1.2 -

Has anyone tried it with 1.3, or can recommend some simple wiki which will integrate with PunBB?

By integrate I mean a logged in user of the forums should be also logged into the Wiki.

I am trying to do this:

Forums at
Wiki at

If I install Dokuwiki with Punbb 1.2, and upgrade to 1.3 later on, will the user integration with Dokuwiki be lost?


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I've been following the development of PunBB for the last 2 years, and there have been a lot of discussions about the upcoming features of 1.3, but there doesn't seem to be a overview of the major Significant features, what to expect, etc.

Is there one which I've missed out on?


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I'm getting a daily influx of spam from bots registering an account and posting away. Email verification is turned on.


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Take a look at as a good example of tags being used in a forum.

You don't have to get rid of categories and forums - tags are just an additional way to navigate through posts.


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I would like to add tags to a threads. For example, when a user starts a new topic he can assign tags to it. Moderators would be able to edit these tags.

I find that tagging really helps in browsing a forum, especially as the number of threads get larger and larger.

Take a look at as a good example of tags being used in a forum.

Whenever 1.3 comes out, it would be nice to get a progress update.

Take a look here:

With Vanilla we wanted to break the mold created and followed by just about every other forum on the web. We sat down and thought about what we liked, and more importantly, what we didn't like about web forums. We wanted emphasis on the discussions rather than the statistics. We wanted to stop using MSN or AIM to send secret messages to other forum members; We wanted to be able to save the common searches. Basically, we wanted the thing to work for us instead of against us. Most importantly we wanted it to be free and we wanted it to run on just about every web server out there. So, Vanilla is a PHP / MySQL solution that is 100% open-source. You can take it and alter it and use it free of charge.  The GPL is your friend.


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the new extern.php is the feature I've been waiting... Where can I download the beta version from?

Or, can I put these two files extern.php and htaccess in a 1.2.8 installation?


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Been waiting for rss feeds for some time... would like know if there is some sort of ETA on 1.3?

I converted from InvisionBoad tp PunBB also - the user passwords don't get transferred over. You'll have to click forgot password link to have it email a new one.


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It's been a month... any further updates on 1.3? Especially rss feeds for everything...


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Yes, i am using extern.php, and notice a small delay when loading a page which calls extern.php. It would be nice if it could be sped up.


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Is there a super rough time you mix expect to release 1.3?

A reply left on some software website to questions about when the next release is coming out:

"After Windows Longhorn, but before Duke Nukem Forever"


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Oh originally I had convereted from IBP 1.2 (when it shifted from free to a subscription model).
Thanks for your help, the problem seems sorted now.


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A good place to put the adds would be in a vertical column to the right - that wouldn't really interfere with using the forums, and would make them more prominent.


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Yes, I had upgraded the forums from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5, and had run the conversion tool. Thats when the problems started. Could be there is a bug there. Is there some sort of maintainence script which does a sanity check of the db?


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In the users Table, the first entry is the guest one: id 1, group id 4

I should change this goup_id number to 3? i.e this is the number corresponding to the groups table?

If so, why would it mysteriously change to 3? Is there anything else I should double check?


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Here is a csv export of the groups table:


for guest, only read board and search is on.


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The guest group id is three, and only read permissions are on in the sql table.groups. So that seems OK.

I am having one other problem: When I click on a topic, many times the first post is repeated 2-5 times - even though there is only one post! For example, when I go to: … d=334#p334
I am seeing the first post repeated 14 times!!

edit: I applied the patch listed elsewhere on the forums, which has solved the posts appearing many times problems, but guest users can still edit and post new topics/replies...

Can anyone help with the problem of guests being able to post, and edit other guest posts?


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Even though I have set guest permissions to only read (in both group and forums settings) guest can post new messages and topics.

The other problem is that any guest is user is able to edit/delete these posts.

According to the settings, only registered users should be able to post.

The forums are at:

I am using a default install of PunBB 1.25. I just now redownloaded punbb and installed it again, but I am still having issues.

Another issue: When logged in as admin, I can see the IPs and email address of all registered users, but for guest posts it just has the username and "Guest". No email or IP, even though the email field is required while posting.