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I'm not sure if this is a bug report or a feature request, but the default forum print out is dreadfull, and needs tweaking. It shouldn't include the post message options. or the 'edit, reply, quote" links etc.

Also, with the default forum setup, I am getting the header on one page, and the posts on another.


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Any change of this being part of the official program? Or at least a easy to implement mod or plugin?


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Thanks, but this solution doesn't work properly. Empty forums don't show up in the list.


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When I opened the forum for the first time, the first thing that
struck me, was the deserted look. It seemed as if a tumble
weed was just going to roll across my screen, any moment...

So I suggest that like other boards, the subject of the last post
in a section be visible in the main forum view (Index), so when
someone logs in to this forum, s/he can look at the subject header
and then decide whether they wish to participate.
Right now,
you have to get into each section to look at the headers. Most
people will likely take a pass on that ---and that, would be a

Also, the subject headers of posts in the various sections will
add some life and vitality to the anemic look, Index is sporting

There seems to be a couple of mods for this, and a few other discussions, but I couldn't see a specific way to hack the code for 1.2.5, or a plugin/mod which would do so. It would be great if this was an option somewhere.


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I converted IBP to PunBB, and everything was transferred. However, most of the users were unable to login with their old passwords, and had to use the 'forgot password' link to have one emailed to them. It seems the passwords were lost in the conversion. Otherwise, for anyone else thinking to convert, punbb was so easy to integrate into my site that I was amazed, so hats off to the programmers! I have one feature request: Make it even easier to integrate by commenting the CSS file where the forum width is specified.

Rickard wrote:

Sure, just remove action=new from the link.

How do I go about modifiying extern.php to do so? I looked at it, and couldn't make sense of it! If 1.3 is not too far away, (< 1 month) I could wait for that if it will be easier to modify.

The url extern.php shows is hard coded with "action=new". I am using /extern.php?action=active to display a list of active topics in my main website, and it is working just fine - the only issue is that the link goes to the bottom of that topic, and then people tend to post without reading the preceding replies.

I am using extern.php to display active forum topics. The link extern.php generates includes "action=new":

http://www.domain.com/forums/viewtopic. … action=new

This link displays the bottom of the topic - I would like it to point to the first post instead of the new entry box right at the bottom. How do I modify extern.php so that it does not generate "action=new" in the url?

I suggest you take a look at the Wikipedia source - they do a fine job of using mod_rewrite to make nice urls.


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Rickard wrote:

Install PunBB into a different directory, run the converter, delete the IPB directory and then rename the PunBB directory to /forums.

On installing punbb, it asks for the url of the forums - so when I rename the directory will that break something? Do I need to edit some configuration setting, or will index.php still work?


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I'm using IPB 2.0 and I want to 'upgrade' it to PunBB. (IPB is catching spam, and the updated versions are no longer free, so I have to upgrade).

I have IBP installed in /forums/. Is it possible to delete IBP from that directory and install PunBB there and then run the convertor? Or do I have to install PunBB in some other directory? I would like to keep punbb in /forums directory.

Also, I am using a shared mysql database for IBP with other applications. Will the convertor recoginze only the ibp table and convert that?
Secondly, does the convertor leave the IBP table as it is?