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Okay, well, since I dont want anyone to use another theme since it don't fit the site, i renamed sulfur to oxygen and removed all other styles smile

Thanks anyway.


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Hi. I have a problem with the style-settings. I've chosen "sulfur" in the admin-area, becasue it matches our site. For a visitor that isn't register, the sulfur-style will appear, but if you register, everything goes back to normal (Oxygen).

Any ideas?


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Nej nere för tillfället sad


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En BF1942-klan som just fått upp ett forum


Kommer inte ändra färgerna iom vår kommande hemsida är blå/grå/vit :-)

Okay, thanks.

Btw, if i type http://myserver.x/forum all the forum-files are listed. I have to type http://myserver.x/forum/index.php to enter the forums. Is it possible to fix this, so I won't have to add "index.php" to all links etc? I'm using Xitami webserrver.

Another thing. I can't upload avatars, it says "Something went wrong. Please try again.". I read in options that php has to be allowed to write to that folder. I'm a newbie on this and just installed php/msysql, how do i fix this?

Is this possible?

I am running PUN as a clan-forum for my BF1942-clan, and it would be great if you could  let special users (members of the clan) access private forums, without being admin/moderator.


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Hmmm... /data vart?

har bara tillgång till min egen mapp, får be han som har servern om det då..


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Puno, Pun Open smile


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Har tillgång till en server med PHP och MySQL. Dock kan han som har servern inget om det, och inte jag heller smile

Jag vill installera PUN, men det kräver en färdig databas, dock vet jag inte hur jag skapar en?

Någon som kan hjälpa mig...