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Gotipe wrote:

Just a small question. If the company wanted to make money of PunBB, could they then force those that already have it to pay or is it just that if you want a new version, you would have to pay? hmm

No, every PunBB version ever release up until now are guaranteed to be free forever.


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I did this once on a Spanish board with a button that translated posts into English through babelfish. However, the translation can never be perfect and you still had to put pieces together in order to make any sense out of it (especially if there's misspelled words in the original language).

Anyway, this won't be implemented in PunBB and I don't think we'll ever see an official extension either. But it's possible to do.


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They probably will yes, as they have done in the past.

intedinmamma wrote:

But shouldn't it be possible to make an extension to download and update other extensions? An extension repository, like package management systems in *NIX systems.

It would be possible. And it's a cool idea smile

Download the punbb package again. The extras folder is not located in you forum root.


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Damn... I read moved to as well hmm

I need a new reality filter to help me when I'm not sober I suppose big_smile

We thought about it, but the gain in performance (almost nothing) didn't weigh up the downside of confusion and code consistency.

On the subject of languages, what happens if the user chose a different UI language than the default for the board?

Smartys wrote:

faceface: There's one issue with that, which is that PunBB doesn't do threaded discussions

I'm quite sure he meant that he would like to have several threads per page, as in one forum per page.


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Strofanto wrote:

How many hooks do you reckon to spread around the code?

Enough smile

lie2815 wrote:

I wonder why Smartys didn't post that wink

Well, it's in his signature tongue


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He's out shopping for new flip-flops.


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The first thing I would do is ask myself, "do people need this forum?", if they do, people will come automatically. Another thing to think about is to start small, add one forum and then go from there. There's few things that scare away visitors more than 20 forums which are pretty much empty.

Feel free to contact me if you need any hosting from punres.org

Looking forward to see the results smile

Have you tried running any other commands that you know for sure works?


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Strofanto wrote:

I remember (or perhaps I dreamt) Rickard had a public To Do list for v1.2, would it be possible to have such thing for v1.3?

Yes, it's here: http://dev.punbb.org/report/1

And in 1.3 it's in config.php.

In 1.2 you can find it in variable $pun_config['base_url']


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Interesting site. Here's my latest guitar: http://www.addressthatissue.com/2007/04/05/guitar/

And, it got a built in tuner that works really well smile

eric235u wrote:

here's an additional stupid newb question for any bored programmers out there.

what is -> called?  is it only used to make an object do something?  thanks for tips.

i'm currently reading through http://hudzilla.org/phpwiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

-> is used to access members of an object. In many other languages you use a dot (.) instead, but I think since the dot in PHP has other functionality, -> is used instead.

Close, but no cigar wink

Maximum length of VARCHAR is 255 bytes, while max length of TEXT is 65536 bytes. They both have different purposes.


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A frame is the way to go. Though I must say, as a visitor that is the most annoying thing on the web tongue

I've never heard of the software so I don't think there's any tool to convert directly from WWWboard to PunBB.


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I'd say the current way of doing it where we do one liners through echo, and multiple lines of html outside of php is the best way to go. It makes for much cleaner code and many times you don't want to output the html right away but store it in a variable, which force you to use php anyway smile