Sorry for responding a bit later. Was on a vacation trip.  big_smile

Looking at your provided screenshot, everything extracted normal. The folder structure is intact. Did you extracted it into the extension folder of punBB?

Thanks for reporting.
The note bbcode is fixed now and I also added installation instructions when using a different theme then Oxygen.

I just released a new version of my pun_extended_bbcode. It's a complete overhaul with new additions.

See the first post for all details:

Spoiler tag has been made too.  big_smile
See: Spoiler tag and more bbcodes

Changing the combination of QUOTE and IMG tags into a SPOILER and IMG combination lies beyond the scope of this extension I think.

To be honest, I wouldn't know how to either.  sad  As far as my knowledge goes now, I guess one needs to adjust the code in parser.php to get a result like this.

Thanks for reporting the bugs guys.

I released version 1.2 of both plugins. See first post for download links and details.

  • Resolved css bug when disabling quick post.

  • Resolved the error caused in bar.php (At least I hope so   hmm   )

  • Added the possibility to use the spoiler bbcode in two ways.
    If U use the plain spoiler tag then SPOILER is displayed.
    If U use spoiler=HIDDEN TEXT then HIDDEN TEXT is displayed without the SPOILER message.

Adding the @ should be absolutely unnecessary. Adding it should just give more errors.
There must be something else conflicting. My best guess is another extension.

I tested the extensions quite good. But I don't have that many extension installed either.

The Spoiler only extension is updated to v1.1.0.

It's now an exact copy of the one in the full extended bbcode. So now you can change the appearance (Colors, etc..) of the spoiler through it's .css file too.

See updated first post for the download link.

yikes I'm a extension developer now? Thx KeyDog for the e-mail.  wink

Been away for a longer time due to other projects. I didn't came to it back then, but I'll be updating the spoiler only bbcode extension to 1.1.0 later this week. So it'll be an exact copy of the one in the Extended BBcode 1.1.0 , including a seperate stylesheet that users can adapt.

Thx for saving my day bmaker. I was beginning to doubt myself.  lol

Doing a flash project right now, but I'll take the suggestions in consideration.  wink

Sorry here guys. Don't eat my heart out. Having a total off day.

I tried to reproduce the error, but no success with that.
Everything works fine on my end. Tested on 2 different (windows) PC's with XAMPP. I really have no clue what could be wrong.  sad

bmaker wrote:

Ubuntu 8.04, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2.13.

It's also strange since the bbcode help page includes the new bbcodes... So, the plugin is active, but not 100% working.

Installed extensions:

  • Additional BBcode

  • Antispam System

  • BBCode buttons

  • PunBB Repository

  • Pun tags (disabled)

Apache error log does not contain PHP errors related to punbb.

You got Additional BBcode installed? Where can I find that extension?

Also, why do you need BBCode buttons when you say you got pun_bbcode installed?

You can also try a solution posted here:

Very strange. Seems no one else has trouble with the buttons.
I'll try to check it out some more. You're using UNIX?

You need to have the pun_bbcode extension installed.

Also extraction of the zip file needs to be done with "restore folders" option on.

The errors normally occur when you don't have the official pun_bbcode installed.

Check this page for the official pun_bbcode extension:

As for your request.

[h]This is a header bbcode[/h]

The header bbcode enlarges the text. So I don't see the need for an extra tag.

Resolved the problem.

Recoded the CENTER bbcode. Now CSS is used to get proper alignment. No more problems with empty new lines and wrong URL's.

Added 2 new bbcodes a long the way, based on the center code, RIGHT and JUSTIFY alignment.

See first post for details and new download link.


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Yep, on Twitter too.

And using the echofon firefox extension. Very handy.


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An even better firefox extension (in my opinion) to peek at CSS and other things is FireBug.
See here:

Toke me a bit longer to figure this one out.

parser.php seems to convert carriage returns (CR) in an strange way.

CR followed by text is translated into a xhtml break <br />
CR followed by an empty CR is translated in  </p><p>
CR followed by 2 empty CR and then text is translated in </p><br /><p>

And so on...

So the paragraph tags cause that left alignment of the text after the empty line break or carriage return.

I had to experiment a bit and found a solution that doesn't interfere with the rest of the bbcode.
Before parsing, I replace carriage return into %BR%. When done parsing I replace %BR% with the BR tags.

Problem solved.  big_smile

Also included a css style file now. See change log in the first post for details.

Version 1.0.2 released.

See first post for details.

Mmm, didn't think of the words could be needed in another language. Guess that's why you senior members are around here.  wink  Will fix that too.

It's not my forum, just helping moderate it.  big_smile

Version 1.0.1 released.

See first post for details.

Oh, thx for the link. Didn't came across it yet.

The button has my priority to code. No worries.  tongue

OK. I'll code the Hide button in it.

I'll make the spoiler a separate extension too, for people who want just that alone.
A little busy this weekend, so it'll be monday before I update the extension.

P.S. I'm trying to do a [youtube] bbcode too, but keep running into trouble with the URL inside the tags.

Thanks KeyDog.  big_smile

I guess adding a second button (hide) that becomes visible after clicking the show button is a possibility.
If you want I can try to add that. Just started to code for PunBB two days ago.

Version 2 of Extended bbcode is released today. I needed a new version for a forum I'm setting up.
This version uses CSS3 if the browser supports it.

List of bbcodes:
Text alignment: center , right , justify
Text related: highlight=#FFFF00 , textsize=3em
Containers: box , note=Firstline , spoiler=CustomTitle
Optional: Admins choice to restyle quote and code

Tested with PunBB 1.3.4 and 1.3.5 on IE8 IE9 , FireFox v3.5 to v5 and Google Chrome.

ATTENTION: Official extension pun_bbcode needs to be installed first.
Find the pun_bbcode extension here:

When installing this extension, you'll be warned to install pun_bbcode before pun_extended_bbcode.


  • If you got an older version installed, uninstall it first. After that delete the entire pun_extended_bbcode folder.

  • Unzip (keep the folder structure intact) into your punbb/extension folder and go to the administration extensions. Find the Extended bbcode section and click on install.

  • When you use a different theme then the default Oxygen, copy the png icons from the pun_bbcode/buttons/Oxygen folder into the pun_extended_bbcode/buttons/Oxygen folder. Then rename the Oxygen folder to the theme name you use.

Version 2.0.1 release

  • Optimized the integration with the official pun_bbcode extension.

  • CSS3 styles are used when the client browser allows it. Supports IE9.

  • Added a new textsize bbcode.

  • Added two options in the admin settings features. These options change the look of the code and quote bbcode.

  • BBcode help page updated.

  • Language files included: English, Dutch, French and German.

So here are some screen shots of the extension in action.

Screenshot of the restyled quote and code bbcode.

Download Extended bbcode:

Have fun with it.