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I modified my punbb quite a lot.
So that avatars which are 120*240 originally in my site become 200*100 in maximum.
Some users whose avatars are more that 100 in height could break the look.

How could I let every user just upload a new one again?

This is quite effective in phpbb sites in my country.
It's probably that we are not using English,
so that bots don't recognize the question.

phpbb's MOD: Anti Bot Question
http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi … p;t=383305

um, it's kind of different.
in fact I'm using punbb, and the phpbb side is empty now, but users are not so willing to occupy extra time creating a new account there, so that I have such thought that punbb and phpbb share the same usernames and passwords.

Is there any way except for convering data manually in some period?

For certain reason that I have to use punbb and phpbb at the same time,
but I just need the integration of users' data.
The accounts could be available in phpbb immediately when registered from punbb, and vice versa.
Common on only usernames and passwords are okay, and users could set different information such as avatars respectively.

Is it possible to do so?

It seems to be unable to read UTF-8 characters ?

all that appear are "????"

Work pretty well in my forum, thanks!

but I just wonder what the difference between creating a new topic with "Move all posts belong to this topic" checked and editing the topic's subject directly is. tongue

Exactly! Thanks!

Is it possible to make guests can see the whole board list, but they still can't see the topics?
(hint them that you must register so that you can get in it.)

Thanks in advance!


I have full admin to MySQL and phpmyadmin.
How can I change alll users' styles to certain one?


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No, because it will be seen anywhere in the forum.
So I have such thought that each board has their own announcement, or notes.

while entering a board, users must read moderator's notes, then they could read the topic list.
And users won't see if the moderator don't set a board announcement. (go to topic list direcly)
In preventing that users are tired with always seeing the board announcement, put a link [ Topic List ] when in viewtopic.php .

It is because even having made a topic sticky, most of users won't read it.
So that I have a thought as mentioned above, to be an announcement or introduction.

An error occurred and the auto scroll will be no function.
Notice:  Undefined variable:  cur_index in /home/*****/public_html/chatbox.php on line 582  which is

document.write('<span class="conr" style="width:150px;" ><?php echo $lang_chatbox['Autoscroll'] ?>: <input type="checkbox" id="autoscroll" value="" checked  tabindex="<?php echo $cur_index++ ?>" /></span>');

Did I miss something?


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Is it possible to have punbb a function like posting in anonymous name even if he/she has logged in,
namely, while posting or replying a topic, they can manually input another nickname as they want?
Though I know they can just logged out, but it's quite troubling.


I find that all users in my punbb automatically change language to the default "English" from my local one after upgrading to 1.2.11 from 1.2.5.
The option stays English even if they change on their own,
so that I replace all the English lang. files tentitively.
What could be possible to cause this ?

I haven't updated my punbb for a long time. It's 1.2.5,
and I find that the patch file available in the download page seems to be 1.2.10 to 1.2.11 .
Should I reinstall the whole forum?


A wonderful mod,
and if there's any possible to quota a category?
for example, limit to 5MB to a category.


there are wrong messages as following, what's wrong?

Notice: Undefined variable: PHP_SELF in /home/nlhs/public_html/gallery.php on line 210
Notice: Undefined index: Add Picture in /home/nlhs/public_html/gallery.php on line 244- [Mod images]
Notice: Undefined variable: PHP_SELF in /home/nlhs/public_html/gallery.php on line 262

### I found the solution to this error by google smile

every PHP_SELF should be changed to $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']
then everything's ok
(and ./img/gallery should be chmoded to 777 not 666)

I own a alumnus forum, and want to show every members' information about which year they graduated.
but in the default settings, there's only realname, location, websites, email, etc.
Can anyone hint me how to have more user's infomation?
(I've already added columns in MySQL in table "user")