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doki wrote:

I have a different issue. I have to domain names for my site . www.domain.info as the main domain and www.domain.org as a park domain. both are pointing in one site. No problem on the .info but in the .org it has a bad http referrer error. it is possible to add 1 more base url?

Please help.


I have same issue too, since i have .com .net .org .eu .us .co.uk  wish someone can help solve this problem..


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Smartys wrote:

Well, it would require modifying the code
One way to do it would be to modify admin_options.php so base_url is a textarea, and then modify the confirm_referrer function to loop through every URL in the box

Anyone have success doing this? because i need make it work on my website since i have multi domains . Please help.

Anyone have success with this one? i try, but nothing happen :-( .. Please help... maybe this code is for old version?

Fain xoxo

exorcist wrote:

Have anybody manage to integrate Matchmaker php dating script into Punbb,  or inverse, so it would be only one login and register page for both of them? Or is possible to make mysql fetch from matchmaker sql base to import matchmaker user/pass into punbb (to share users)?



sorry for my bad english


The problem with phpmatchmaker is, it use session, where PunBB using cookies...
I still looking around how to make this two work together.. smile

So far i still don't know, but i running both scripts...