Hi, I'm sorry to up the topic but I didn't find out how to include a thumbnail with a topic sad

Please help me ! This is driving me crazy big_smile


Hi ! I updated my message, please read it smile

I also created an English Forum at the bottom of my actual forum, here : http://www.jlions.com/forum/index.php

I will be VERY HAPPY to see your pictures there smile Thanks a lot !

Have a nice day http://www.jlions.com/forum/img/smilies/big_smile.png


I have a photo critique forum which look like this :


Classic smile I want this :


See ? Instead of folder icon, on the left, we have a picture. This picture is a thumbnail of the first image find in the message body (picture larger than 100x100 pixels, to avoid smiley). To resume :

- The member write his message and include his photo with ImageShack (or other).
- Then he submit his post...
- A parser find the (big) picture and generate a thumbnail in a specific folder ("thumbnails" for example)

Note : the thumbnail must be named with topic ID (4658.jpg) and place in a folder not bdd.

How to do this ? Thanks a lot !! smile

mastiland wrote:

is it posible if we upload the images on www.imageshack.us and put it in gallery

what is the modification required to be done for this ?

Good idea. I'm not developer, can someone help us ?

Up smile


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Fun too : http://homepage.mac.com/gapodaca/digital/digital.html smile

Can you explain a little bit more about this mod ?

Great but doesn't work with pagination hmm


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Here is my PunBB forum : http://www.jlions.com/forum/index.php (English forum at the bottom wink)
You can discuss about photo and retouching (you can see my work here : http://www.jlions.com/portfolio.php?id_ … ut_image=1 )

Post your links related to photography or "art" here : http://www.jlions.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=12 smile

Best regards,

Julien Lions,
French Photographer