^^"! Edited!


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Very beautiful !!!!

The Fastest & Lightweight PHP-Based Forum

Haha : )

AnimeXZ Studio : A Little Modify From Oxygen Style

Website : http://www.animexz.net/loli/



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Don't forget this!

PunBB have the best developer

but PHPBB not!


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Oxygen Forever  >//<!


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AnimeXZ.NET [The New World Of Anime Download] [Powered By PunBB]


I've using punBB Yeh!


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Most Plug in and Security

I recommend Simple Machine Forum [SMF]

But punBB is still your choice

PunBB is easy to modify and faster than SMF and PHPBB


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Dose pun_admin_broadcast_email support nginx ?

I've using nginx as a reverse proxy with Apache.

But I've a problem that when I sending e-mail.

I've enable Template vars option and sending e-mail

then, they will show "502 Bad Gateway"

If I'm not use Template vars option It will be OK


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I like punBB

because it's faster and classic >//<

I Love PunBB and I want to convert database from SMF 2 to punBB 1.3.4

Can I do it ? and How ?


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The specifyed email address is not the one to which we sent invitation letter

T^T Someone in my site have this problem. they use the same e-mail but it still show that message.

and I know that will happen when we use the filled the invitation e-mail like that BoomZLolicon@gmail.com it's will cause the problem

we have to use boomzlolicon@gmail.com and everything done !


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Sorry! I think oxygen is better ^^"

It's clean and classic than Copper