so do you mean i should export it into CVS? because i saw the AP_Polls and it doesn't have any information about the version.


i have some questions:
1. how  do i know what version of Easy Poll did I use? it sounds silly, but i forgot what version i did install tongue
2. right now i can't moderate the polls for example closing the poll. even Jump menu, the 'closed topic', 'moved topic', 'stick topic' on the footer has disappeared if the topic has a poll.

thanks a lot.

hi there,

i have a problem with the image uploader (well, with other modifications too).

so i have a forum that use the image upload mod, and all works ok. then i want to update the punBB with the latest version. I made mistake, i downloaded a full package of punBB, instead of the update package, and i run the update. after the update, few days later i found some of my mods don't work. image_upload is one of them and the users can't upload their avatars now. i have checked the folder and it's already have the correct CHMOD.

i look into the affected files and i could find anything has changed. so i assume that it must be affected the DB.

can i run a fresh install of image upload mod?

thanks a lot.


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so how about to force users fill their real name?


Thank you for your enlightment smile. I will talk to them.


I've problem today. I've already using Private Messaging vv1.2.2 for a while and it's great.
Today when I visit my forum, I saw there are new messages for me. But when I click the link it shows this error:

Error: Unable to connect to MySQL server. MySQL reported: Lost connection to MySQL server during query.

I'm not sure why this happened. Since I'm not understand about MySQL, I'm not sure where is the problem. It is from my hosting provider or else.

Perhaps someone can assist me to solve this?

Thank you.

i see. i think that would be difficult to me. I don't understand anything about php smile

i'm sorry if i pull this topic out again. so are there any mods for restrict the image size for signature?

so many members of my forum requests to have image on the sig, since i'm disabling it when i change from phpBB to punBB. While on phpBB we can restrict the image size via admin panel. Anyone interesting to make the same? smile

thank you.


i already installed private message 1.2.2

today i just update to punBB 1.2.14 and i lost the PM features. I download the 1.2.14 updates files and upload all the files. my mistake. so here i now, no mods at all big_smile. In administration area is OK, Private Message still shown in the Plugins list. It's dissapeared in the forum only.

So what files should I fix, so members can use this feature again?

thank you.

Hi willoworks,

I already see the phpmyadmin. Do you mean the members in the group table? i did find g_id=3 but don't find id=1


never mind. i found it in user table smile. thanks for your help.


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thanks for your advice. i just closed that thread. let see if they target other threads. i hope not big_smile.


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pogenwurst wrote:
Waccoon wrote:

I'm doing this in Administration -> User Groups -> Edit - Guest -> Post replies: No.  Is this correct?

Have you also set the permissions correctly on a per-forum basis?

I already did both to all forums. but the spambots still attack. The funniest thing is, they only hit one thread.

Is it because of migrating from phpBB?


could you teach me how to do that in mysql? because i have same problem here. Guest can post and unfortunately these guests are spambots sad


I have similar problem. I converted from phpBB. Where is the location of that code?


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i just being attacked by spammers. I already setup that Guests can only read. But it doesn't work. I don't know how. I try to post in my forum as a guest, and it works sad

Every minutes they'll post a new reply, and counting. It's really annoying.


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D9r wrote:

Regarding 'Merging Topics', simply use your web host's control panel to access the database.  Then, move posts one at a time to the new thread: go to the 'posts' table and edit the 'topic_id' for each post you want moved.

Hi Dean,

i'm interesting with this. could you tell me how to do it, since I don't understand about mysql. my web host has phpmyadmin.

thanks for your help.

I already download this plugin and use it. It's awesome. I have 741 members and it runs smoothly. Thank you for this great plugin.

first of all, i want to thank you punBB for this awesome forum. I've finished migrate from phpBB to punBB 1.2.4 with no problems so far. i'm interesting in installing this mod. i already installed it and it works fine. just one thing annoyed me. in the near bottom of every pages i saw this mark: "<". Here is the screenshot:

so i wonder are there any mistakes that i did when installing this Private Messaging?

Thanks a lot smile