basicially I  have copied the base_admin.css that deals with the left navigational menu to the *.css files that regular users use. That works great with my left bar, however, how can I make it to where I ALSO have a right navbar in equal size? Im having trouble making it work.


Rickard, or anyone, is there a way that I can add a global variable and be able to change for something from

$result = $db->query('SELECT....
$result = $cm->query('SELECT...

Any help would be excellent

And you didnt change the common_db at all. It would be best if I could query this a database and b database from the same page. So I need to have it in the global variables.

NOPE, not one forum with 2 databases. Im just wondering how you set it up and access it(round robin, a dictionary, etc). I have been messing with ways and have a couple I could do, but not as clean as I would like. Its part of an internal solution with high traffic. So thats why it needs seperate db's, that and I have the machines.

If you could help me out and samples would be great. Thanks

Ok, I have a pretty big project Im tackling. I have edited a lot of code for this to fit my needs. Right now im trying to use multiple databases for size control. I have edited common_db.php and added another variable and tried a few other things. However, this code doesnt like the use of two databases. Then problem exists that the last databsae variable in the common_db.php in the dblayer directory is the only one that it uses.  I'm debating on using a ADO database package to manage this. I have setup simple php files to connect to 2 at the same time and it works.

The specific error i get is in functions on the first query it does. It says it cannot find the table, which is true, cause again, its using only the last variable in the common_db.php

Can anyone help with this. I do not have a public accessable way to show you. But I see that connerhd is using 26 different databases if I read correctly. Could you please chime in and spread some light on the subject. THANKS JT

Also, Edit and delete work for all posts except that one???

It comes back with an error on line 350 of functions.php for delete and says database error 2013.

To edit it says error on line 118 of edit.php and same database error. What causes that database error????

I have a test post that contains exactly this.

Topic: "lkajdflkjwelrkjwlerkjwlkjflswdnflknweopiqj"

"slkjdflqane f;klwnef; asjf qw;eofrjao lkdjwer


Without the quotes. When an admin tries to edit this it fails. It also fails when trying to delete. Somehow this breaks the sql. Im working on fixing it, but this is a problem that should be addressed for everyone.