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that means.

if (user is guset) or (no id isset) or (id does not equal user id)
send them to index.php
exit script

I would not remove it. Without looking at all the code I can't say 100% but things like this are important most of the time.


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I think they have the class tc3 and tc4 or something like that

look in the css and set a width for td.tc3{}

Don't forget on (some) new MySQL setups you have to flush the old passwords because of the hashing algorithm.

more info here: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/old-client.html


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Does 1.3 use the same database structure?

sounds stupid I know but if I install 1.2.10 when/if 1.3 drops can I just replace the files?


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When creating a new forum design it is often difficult to get eveything in place because the content is not there.

It would be helpful in the download section of this site if there was a script to generate some example content.


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Or you could compress the CSS with this online tool


then paste it over the old css... saves about 50% depending on how you set it.

I did something like this for my new site


new site.


As you can see the login box is at the top but changes after you login.


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You would have to check so much stuff.

Usernames, post id's, post times etc etc.


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Thanks for that.

PunBB is like that smart arse kid that has an answer to everything.


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Hi All,

I recently updated a website using PunBB and it is the best script i have ever used. It works so good I moved everything to to.


It also has site integration smile


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How do i change it so once a user as clicked a new message it no longer shows as new?

I am having some trouble finding the $page_title var.

I need to edit it so it uses a | instead of /

can anyone tell me what file it's in, thanks


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PunBB is a great project so any work you do is greatly appreciated.


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And thats why we love him... In a manly way *drinks beer and farts*

http://fantomaster.com/fantomNews/archi … or-update/

Google Web Accelerator (GWA) IP range, namely: -

You can block this with your .htaccess file

Google is crap now, they have moved into so many new things that people download because it's Google but there not very good at any of it.

Why make an app that clicks all the links and ignores javascript warnings... how dumb is that.

anyway, here is fix

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  before_filter :disable_link_prefetching

    def disable_link_prefetching
      if request.env["HTTP_X_MOZ"] == "prefetch" 
        logger.debug "prefetch detected: sending 403 Forbidden" 
        render_nothing "403 Forbidden" 
        return false


It looks like you got it working now.

Nice site BTW


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That sounds better. something like $lang['name'], I do this with my config settings so I think it could work. Thanks


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I have started work on a CMS and I want it to be able to use many languages like any other product.

But how do you create these?

The best way i can think is use define() and do something like define("lang_Delete", "Delete", true); and then call "lang_delete" when i need it.

Does this make sense, if anyone has a better idea please post.


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Sorry about that, I got it now.

I changed this part in /header.php (line 37)

// Load the template
if (defined('PUN_ADMIN_CONSOLE'))
    $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/admin.tpl');
else if (defined('PUN_HELP'))
    $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/help.tpl');
else if (defined('PUN_REGISTER'))
    $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/register.tpl');
    $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/main.tpl');

And added

// Tell header.php to use the register template
define('PUN_REGISTER', 1);

To line 25 of /register.php


Thanks for making it so easy to edit, I love this script.


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How could I create a new template in /include/template/ for the register script.

What part of the script do I need to edit so instead of using main.tpl it would use register.tpl

Thank You.

I'm in the Zen Garden, but my work does not show up becoz i changed servers and lost my CSS file.. I think Dave has it but i should get onto that.

As for this forum it is the best around, period. With some mods (like PM and PunPoll) is kicks PHPBB's ass.

The only thing i don't like is all the tabs used in the mark-up, makes ugly code and is hard to edit.


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Sorry, i've got it now. I removed some CSS thinking it was junk... my mistake


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It is under the user info but i can't find the style for it. It is #333333 background-color but i don't have that set an any of my styles?