I had the correct pun_bbcode extension, but I guess there was something I messed up somewhere else, since it works okay with a clean installation of the forum. I'll try starting from scratch again. Thanks for your answer. smile

DiD wrote:

The header bbcode enlarges the text. So I don't see the need for an extra tag.

My bad, I completely missed that tag in the BBCode help page...

I still could use a "small" tag, but it might not be too complicated to add by myself. wink

this really is a great extension, nice job!

Now, sorry to rain on the parade... but I've got one problem and one request.

The problem:
everything seems to work correctly except that I get this message right before all the BB buttons are displayed:

"Notice: Undefined index: path in [my root]/www/forum/extensions/pun_bbcode/bar.php  on line 53
Notice: Undefined index: url in [my root]/www/forum/extensions/pun_bbcode/bar.php on line 56"

I have other extensions installed, I tried deactivating some of them, it didn't change anything.
Any idea of what could cause this?

And the request: a button to change the size of the text (or maybe just two buttons, one for "small" and one for "large", I'm not sure which is best).

I'll keep looking into it on my side, but again, thanks for this great extension.