I don't have it here, but I changed every part with the CSS colors with background image. This worked perfectly fine on everything else , just not the moved icon and locked icon on the index... what's the reason?

Is there no easy way to fix this...? hmm

Is this forum dead...? hmm

I want to remove the standard 15 x 15 px size on emoticons, and I know it's not a big fix. But I have removed the height and width attributes in both parser.php and help.php, but it still displays smilies in 15x15 in the quickreply and post.php (works fine in the actual posts though).

What to do?

I want to do some modifications on the HTML in PunBB. Just simple stuff, like changing the user info in topics to a smaller font, and stuff that's not possible by just editing the CSS. Normally this would be really simple, by just adding a new class somewhere in the html, then define it in the CSS.

However, I find it so hard to edit the html files... I open viewtopic.php, and there's just a big php mess! It's almost impossible for someone with no php knowledge to do simple html editing.

I remember I had no problems doing this in earlier PunBB versions... what happened?

So is it just me, or doesn't PunBB want me to edit the html? I installed PunBB again on my new website because I remember from a few years ago, it was so simple it was perfect. But since I like to customize the forum layout a bit, it seems like I've made the wrong choice...

Can someone give me a few hints on how I should edit html, like if I wanted to give a new font class to the user info in a topic? (post count, location, etc).
Or should I try something else like phpBB if I need to customize the forum design beyond simple CSS editing?

I've replaced my forum icons with images using CSS, which works fine except for this:

Only no new/new forum icon displays on the index page. I have a locked forum, but it just displays the normal no new post icon. How can I make it show the locked icon?

And also, I do not know how to make my moved topic icon work either.


Why would you say I didn't read the link in your post? I read everything, and I've looked everywhere in my File Manager with no luck. There was no /etc folder, neither anything similiar, I've installed the forum in my root directory and all I could find there was PunBB folders/files.

I got the same error message as you. I don't know what you mean by "check the allowable file sizes in your PunBB installation", but I did try to change settings in the admin panel as mentioned in my first post.

Do I need to contact my webhost to change the setting, or do I have some other options? There's tons of settings in the webhost CP but I'm not sure what to look for... I did find the htacces file, but that's probably not what I'm looking for, right?

I was not able to find php.ini anywhere... am I supposed to make it myself if it doesn't excist?

I could neither find any options in the CP of my webhost...


I've installed the file attachment extension, but it only works for small files (like images).

I went into the admin panel and changed the max file size in group permissions (I could only do this for member and moderator though, since the admin group is not possible to edit). It was 2 000 000 bytes, and first I changed it to 20 000 000 then 9 000 000 (my file is 6MB...) and I get this message no matter what:

Warning! The following errors must be corrected before your message can be posted:

    * The selected file was too large to upload. The server didn't allow the upload.

Can anyone help me? hmm