Sorry to post a million in a row.  I deleted all four cookies.  ted@newdomain, ted@olddomain, ted@www.newdomain, ted@www.olddomain.  Now I can log on and off just fine from either domain, but I can't change permissions.  I get an error saying that it is a bad http referal.  That happens from all permutations of logged in logged out each domain, domain set as base in the options, and the domain I am doing it from.

I am going to wait to see if anyone from here says, "Oh that is easy it is x."  But if that doesn't happen, I am just going to delete punbb from the server, delete all the tables from mysql, and reload it.  That should fix it. 

That isn't as terrible as it sounds.  I just loaded this on Friday and the only data in it is test posts that I have done.  The site isn't released yet.

I think I figured out why the login wasn't working and in trying to fix it I have completely hosed the forum.  As I said before the problem was that the news work fine, but when you logged off, you couldn't log back into the forum, news yes but not the forum. 

When I loaded the forum my url was (  I have since changed to url to (  I noticed that even thought I was on the news page at when clicking on the link in news it was going to  So I went to admin>options and changed the base url.  Now, I can not log off from and I can not log in from  To make matters worse I tried to change the permissions for a topic and it said I couldn't because the referring url was bad.   Both URLs point to the same place by the way.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this?

Yes I could log into the forum fine before changing index.php to forum.php and the necessary changes to viewtopic, viewforum, and functions.

I have tried to this and am having some trouble.

I created the news page first and called it news.php.  It worked great and my forum still worked.  Then I changed index.php to forum.php and news.php to index.php.  I made the other changes told to do.  Then when I went to the site I saw the news page and had the message at the top that I was logged in.  When I clicked on the link in the news or on the forum link at the top, I went to the forum but it said I was not logged in.  If I clicked on "login" I went to the login and after logging in (again), I was returned to the forum but was not logged in. 

Any suggestions?  Another change I have made is to remove the links to register from both the header and the login page because I want a members only forum.  Could doing that have caused this?