I just used the db management plugin. it repaired all of the tables, and now my username isnt even found.

http://www.cobaltandcalcium.com/forum/v … hp?id=3660 = is an example of a thread i made awhile back.

edit: seems as though after i clicked repair, it deleted my entire username with 2000+ posts, every post of mine is gone as well.

holy crap.

When Trying To Login: wrote:

File: /home/brian/public_html/forum/login.php
Line: 45

PunBB reported: Unable to fetch user info

Database reported: Got error 127 from table handler (Errno: 1030)

When Trying To View Userlist wrote:

File: /home/brian/public_html/forum/userlist.php
Line: 157

PunBB reported: Unable to fetch user list

Database reported: Got error 127 from table handler (Errno: 1030)

An error has occured
Error: Unable to fetch user info.

This only happens when viewing my profile. Any ideas? :\


ID 2 = Me, and it's only happening to me, it seems.

Sounds good, thanks for the responses.

I was actually wondering if there was a way to make it so old posts remain white as well, but I guess this is fine. smile


Nope, didn't work :\

Hi guys,

I was wondering if there a way to make it so every color people choose, it spits out white? I don't want to remove colors totally, because all of my forums post in the past, that use color, will probably have that [color=blah] here if i disable it, so I was wondering if there was a way to mod punbb so if people choose a hex color, or a regular color, it'd just put out white no matter what.

nevermind, figured it out wink

hi guys,

having a little trouble in include/parcer.php, i cannot figure out how to add a simple bbcode feature for [center], it just won't work sad


Recently, if a user changes their style in the display options, they won't be able to see any avatars anymore. in phpmyadmin, it goes from show_avatars: 1, to show_avatars: 0 for no reason.

I would like to disable all styles except for a custom one which is the 6th one on the list, i have 7 total.


thanks! smile

I'm trying to make it so admins (1), mods (2), and contributors (5) not see it, i'm getting a php error when adding multiple groups, whats the code to add 1, 2, and 5 to it?

if ($post_count == '1' && $adsense_config['google_adsense_enabled'] == '1' && $pun_user['g_id'] != '1')


you can view a sample of this mod here: http://www.cobaltandcalcium.com/forum/v … php?id=866

Ahh -- people and their lovely gmail accounts! smile

wierd, my viewtopic doesnt go that high either until I add the code into it -- got an email i can send my viewtopic to?

Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/brian/public_html/forum/viewtopic.php on line 467

Wierd sad

well, you can customize your adsense through the adsense login panel. Basically, all the mod really needs to do is put the adsense code after every 1st or 2nd post of every thread. This method increases revenue a TON, and i've seen it work on several boards.

ahh thanks smile

I've been getting a few complaints about regular users (non admin/moderators) not being able to search the entire forum board at once, and we have a lot of different sections. I tried it myself, and I was allowed to, but regular users can't. Is there something that is turned off in the options that I'm missing? I would like to make it so they can not only search one section at a time, but all of them.

was wondering if anyone had any plans on making a mod where you could enter your adsense code, and after the first post of every thread it'd put in your adsense banner since your ads are whatever is relevant to the topic. would be a good idea to increase revenue as well wink

thanks! smile

Yeah, this is very wierd. I know he hosts that website on his personal computer, and his computer is turned off right now. Oh well, I pin-pointed the problem and was able to disable his signature. I am now able to view all of his posts/threads.

I am guessing that this signature bug is caused by one of the mods is installed on my forum board.

Smartys wrote:

UPDATE #__users SET signature = '' WHERE username='Nathan'

Did you install any mods that altered parser.php?

There is a very good chance that my friend Kylan did. We have a mod that makes it so links are displayed in a new window, a mod where it will fix the bug where the marker dissapears after a thread has been seen in firefox, we added connors db mod, added punpoll, added User management - v1.3. We added a mod where it would only display a users signature once in each thread.

That is all I can think of.

i just mirrored his signature and created a new username. As soon as I submitted my new signature (his), it wouldn't refresh the page. I then tried to create a thread here:

http://www.cobaltandcalcium.com/forum/v … hp?id=1586

and when I hit submit it wouldn't refresh it, and then i hit back on the index, and punbb managed to post the thread, but now I cannot preview it. Several other users have noticed this, not just me...that's how I pin-pointed the problem so quick.

Now....whats the PHPMyAdmin command through Connors DB Mod to delete a users signature?

UPDATE: I am now disabling BBCode/Image Code in my signatures. I can now view Nathan's threads/posts, as well as the thread above on the post I just made

I notice he is using an invalid punBB bbcode combo, and he's trying to get an image in his signature to become an IMAGE LINK. Could this possibly be breaking the board?