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Ask her to take a screen shot of it tongue

[.url=http://nathan.kicks-ass.org.][.img.]http://nathan.kicks-ass.org/img/logo.gif[./img.].[./url.] . [.url=http://nathan.kicks-ass.org.].GUERRILLA STUDIOS.[./url.]., biatch! NYU FILM, MANHATTAN

I added "dots" around his brackets to show you what his code is looking like so punbb won't just show you a link with text.

Err..maybe this thread should go in the bugs section? I have no idea what this is sad

I transferred cpanel accounts from one host to another recently, and in my cpanel it doesnt even show that I have any active mysql databases, if I wanted to see what happened through phpmyadmin, I think i'd have to re-build the mysql database.

Is there any other way I can view what is in his signature? I'd be willing to give you FTP access, or cPanel access because this is a huge problem or exploit. sad

Whenever a certain moderator of mine posts or creates a thread. No one can view it, or at least not me. My entire site is up and running, but whenever I go to a few threads he's made or posted in, I can't get to them.

His user id is: "Nathan"
User Profile (that I can't access):
http://www.cobaltandcalcium.com/forum/p … php?id=139

Here are a few threads/posts he's created in (that i can't access):
http://www.cobaltandcalcium.com/forum/v … hp?id=1500
http://www.cobaltandcalcium.com/forum/v … hp?id=1501

Here are a few threads/posts he hasnt posted in:
http://www.cobaltandcalcium.com/forum/v … hp?id=1548
http://www.cobaltandcalcium.com/forum/v … hp?id=1549
http://www.cobaltandcalcium.com/forum/v … hp?id=1005

Seems like I have pin-pointed that it's him, and I can't see my own threads on my own board if this guy posts in them, and I can't even investigate to see if anything is in his signature or something that would cause something like this to happen.

Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: I can also go to page [2] of a thread he's created, just as long as he didnt post in it before. Could it be that this username got corrupted or something...somehow?

Can anyone show me how to change the text link that says "Report" to a different color...say #FF0000? I am having trouble trying to accomplish this simple task sad


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Connorhd wrote:

thats because they always show for admins

haha, thanks smile


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Just discovered this bug where I disable the option to see users post counts, but it keeps them there. I've tried logging out/logging back in, but it still keeps them there.

-ver. 1.2.5

Thank you for the quick response!


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Mako wrote:

Total number of registered users: 1561
Total number of topics: 1586
Total number of posts: 48263
DB size: 30.02 MB
Monthly Bandwith: Unmetered
Host System: Honeslty I am not sure. It's not shared and its not dedicated. http://www.phpwebhosting.com

Perhaps VPS then?


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Total number of registered users: 621
Total number of topics: 681
Total number of posts: 13597

MySQL 4.0.23-standard
Rows: 257465
Size: 11.11 MB

Server load   1.39 1.02 0.84 (12 users online)

is it possible to remove that line below the forum sections in the index easily?

wow, thanks man! smile

I would like to see something where we can see the active users on the index page. Admins can simply set the duration, and wah-lah. I think that'd be  great. smile