irssi works with åäö, and i can't find anything in Bitchx' faq or docs that would enable a font or charset with international support.
I'll keep looking or switch to another client.

Bitchx is just so damn nice.

I'm using BitchX in a console via ssh but my characters (åäö) among others becomes junkcharacters.
How do i solve that?

I'm running tsch on default netbsd console.


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I'm looking for ways to save mailattachements from imap emailaccounts by getting the emaillist from INBOX, decoding the attachments defined via parameter or wildcard of some sort, and place the attachements to a speciel folder.
And then optionally move the procecced mail into INBOX/parsed imap-folder.

Ideally it should be able to save the attachement into a defined folder based on what rule the attachement catches under.

I've searched a bit but not found much if examplecode how this could be done.

The things i've looked at is and the mime-classes in PEAR.

Example-code, scripts, docs, functions, tips n hints etc is welcome.



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D9r wrote:

Personally, I don't like webmail.  I prefer pop3 and storing email locally on my own computer

Personally for me i like imap-storage, as i can manage alla my accounts from anywhere i go with a mailproggie.

Anyways, any clues on the limit on the size of mails sent thru gmail?

I can for instance send 7mb large emails thru my current webhost...


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Det jag är ute efter är egentligen att köra igenom en apachelog genom webalizer och få dess output, men jag vill gärna att den skall köra alla mina siters loggar en efter en och skapa statestiken i repektive hosts hemmadir, så varje site får sin "egen" trafik.

Jag är inte riktigt klar över om webalizer klarar detta med bara en installation och flera config-filer.
Har inte hittat så mkt info om ju detta på nätet och det är klent om exempel-configfiler å titta på.


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Jag har lite funderingar på hur jag enklast skulle kunna köra apacheloggar så man får antingen dag, vecko eller månadsstatestik.

Jag har flera vhost-sites some skall statistikifieras (sicket ord).

Nån som har ideer eller config-filer?

En feature jag gillar med webalizer, är att den kan köra incremental, så man kan köra en "stor" logg i början och därefter dagsvis mm


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Very nice bg-hack there...putting on my note to-do with my own board...


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Ohh, i soo like...


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Couldn't find a thread like this anywhere, so here it is...

And btw, why are there ppl here on x-mas eve?!!!?

Shouldn't you be eating some nice dinner n stuff? smile


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I'm not perticular with brands for the most time, i'm more after function and value for the price.

I'm still not sure what type to go for, can't find much solid info on pros and cons on the types.

Also i'm not sure if going for one bigger to support 2 pc's or getting two smaller, one for each pc is better.


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I'm thinking of getting ups for firstly my servers (2 x P2-266mhz with 1hd, 1 shared monitor) and secondly my main pc's (1 x AMD 1.1 ghz & 1 x P4 3.2ghz. 1 monitor needed, i have vnc to admin the 1.1ghz)

I wonder what type of ups is needed etc.
And if someone can explaing in more detail what the different types do, and are good for.

I've found two with very different powertime. … w=detailed - Offline model, 13.9min on half charge, around 6min on full charge for around 110$ (4 power outlets, 3 ups, 1 currentstabalizer only)

and … w=detailed - Line Interactive model, 35min, around 90$ (1 power outlet ups) … w=detailed - Same as above but a bit bigger, 2 power outlets. 30min, around 110$

I don't know where to begin to dig in the swamp, but i've realized i'm not gonna get an Online UPS model at least smile


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There have been some bugs with the loops on the page.
Been away for a few days but it should behaive properly now.

What's in the database is mission reward items that can be rollable for the mmorpg anarchy online.
A friend made some mods to a program that produces logs with mission reward items.
I parse those logs into my db and i can search it for something and check if it's rollable and what settings and QL the mission needs to be.
Atm i'm quite happy with the list i'm producing.
Going to add some refinements later but the basic workings is in there.


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Well, i thought i read the manual pretty much on teh like keyword, and i can't say i found ILIKE popping out anywhere.

With ILIKE it works ok now...

on this page:
Now i want to try and have only one item grouped together, and a list of Item QL beside it.
Mission QL is not important.

I'd like it something like this:

ItemX 100
ItemY 100

Anyone know what i mean?
I don't know how to get the numbers in row if i just want one item then the list of ql's for it.


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I've got this query

$SQL = "SELECT DISTINCT reward_item, reward_ql, mission_ql FROM mission_reward WHERE reward_item LIKE \"%basic%\" ORDER BY reward_item, reward_ql";

And i have in db:

A Basic Left-Arm Implant - Refined | 204 | 204
A Basic Left-Wrist Implant - Refined | 200 | 200

I can't figure out why it won't work or what i have done wrong...

Any ideas?


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Well, if you write non-comercial stuff you can request a personal phpedit license...
Create an account and request it from there...


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First Image hit


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Mysql is only available after a one time fee of $3.
Have you paid this fee?
If not that the install would not succeede


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pgregg wrote:
RNilsson wrote:

Even using a empty 5th arg will give error on win32.

I'm sorry, but that information is incorrect.  PHP will not error, neither will it give a warning if you pass a 5th argument to mail() on Windows.  It will simply ignore it.

I guess it was specific when using IIS in that case as i hade to remove the -f arg from my code to make it work.


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pgregg wrote:
RNilsson wrote:

I've had some problems dealing with mail() and the 5:th arg in a win32 dev env.
Just FYI.

Well, I hate to be the one to point this out, but the 5th arg is (as the manual notes) is passed as additional parameters to the sendmail_path program, which by definition is unix only; therefore the 5th arg has no relevance to Win32.

Yeah, that is why i brought it up so pun won't break if the changed is implemented

[addition] Rickard: you might like to change the email.php from:
function pun_mail($to, $subject, $message, $from = '')
function pun_mail($to, $subject, $message, $from = '', $extra='')

and the call from:
mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);
mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers, $extra);

to prepare the code to be able to pass "-f [adminemail]" in the extra arg for some webservers.

Even using a empty 5th arg will give error on win32.


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I've had some problems dealing with mail() and the 5:th arg in a win32 dev env.
Just FYI.


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Are you using mysql_pconnect? In that case try using mysql_connect isnstead.
If you're using mysql_connect already, try putting a mysql_close() in the bottom of your scripts to make sure they close.


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Didn't know smile

I have pretty much nada interest in any sports really...hobbies lay with computertech and r/c planes...


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Depending on weekday and time on the day the "bars" usually have 20+ req, sportsbars usually don't have age req if you look decent and not too drunk smile


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Someplace and you'll get a more decriptive msg.
Or was it mysql_error()...
Toy with it...
Here's a list of the codes


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No antivirussoftware/firewall/something that prevents it from connecting?
Is it possible to see screenshot of their errormessage when they connect?
Preferably in different browsers as well