I am the web developer for WhittakerMountaineering.com.  I started a new site WhittakerMountainieering.org for our RMI Climbers, as well as individual mountain climbers.  The forum is used to help mountain climbers who need to find training info, needed gear, etc. for climbing mountains like Mount Rainier, Mount McKinley, Mount Everest, and other "big" mountains.

I chose PunBB after evaluating several others.  I found it very simple to install.  It has a nice and easy administrative interface, and has some nice powerful "add ons".

We just got this started, and are excited that we will be having contributors from the world's best climbers like Ed Viesturs, Dave Hahn, Peter Whittaker, and others soon (they are paid staff members).  These are the same guides that started the popular First Ascent clothing line with Eddie Bauer.

Thank you PunBB developers.  Where do I donate funds?