Very smart! Is it just visual - or is there a common login process?


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There is a small problem, when I open the plugin section of the Admin panel I see this error message:

Notice: Undefined index: E-mail setting info in ....

It refers to this line in the Signup.php file:

<p><?php echo $lang_batch_register['E-mail setting info'] ?></p>

However, it did seem to work, in spit of the error message.

Is it possible to include passwords in the batch registration process too?


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Any news on the development of this mod?


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I would LOVE to see this implemented!!!!!


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It would be nice to be able to bulk import (from a csv or text file?) a few hundred new members - along with username/password/email. It would be so usuful for educational sites - when hundreds of new members have to be added at the same time.

I tried the proxy method, and typed all pathes correctlt, but I failed to get the php file contents to load in the post. Viewing the page source in the browser showed only this :

<!-- ME -->

Also this error message: Undefined index: g_id in /home/(path to)/include/parser.php on line 308

Any idea what might have gone wrong?

I can't remember what code to write in the message posting field to include an iframe. I installed this mod a few months ago, but I forgot...

Thanks for getting back to me. I followed all the instructions for the mod, and everything went smoothly until i tried to launch the chat box.

Line 4 of parser.php is:


function preparse_bbcode($text, &$errors, $is_signature = false)

Somehow I think something has gone wrong...

Sorry faax, I just don't get it.

Help! Can anyone help?? (see message above)

Whoops, I get this error when trying to launch the ChatBox:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare preparse_bbcode() (previously declared in /home/***/public_html/brain/talk/include/parser.php:41) in /home/***/public_html/brain/talk/include/parser.php on line 41

(*** is censored info!)

If someone could tell me how to resolve this, i will be very happy!

Is it possible to see it in action?

Also, I don't really understand the code, as it seems to already include a link to an Apple QT movie trailer. Sorry, but I seem to be missing something, somehow ....


The swf embed is lovely.

Am I right in thinking the QuickTime embed doesn't actauly put the movie within the actual message itself, but actualy opens and plays in a new window?

Has anyone devised a way to include QuickTime movies?

You couldn't spell it out a bit more could you? Things like dump and restore the database, and a little phpmyadmin don't mean much to me right now...


I am just setting up a board, and I am wondering now if I should host it on its own server. Currently it resides on my general purpose server.

How easy is it to migrate a forum to another server? What are the steps?


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Style-wise it's done, but still need to build the forums and finalise text on About page.
CSS is better than sex! (well.... almost...)

I would like to remove the email link from the info about the sender of a PM. Could you tell me how I can delete that? - I need to totally remove any chances for users to email each other.

Thanks Reines, it's much more compact now.

Until I actually recruit users for my forum I will content myslef with making it look nice!

Very smart indeed. Up and running at

One small quible about the styling though: For my taste there is too much space above and below the message content. Currently it has a <br / > above and below the content <p>. How can I remove these line-breaks?

I am fine apart from:

Step 12.
You?re done! If you want to add spell check functionality to the quick reply form or the edit post form, take a look at step 12 and make similar edits in the correct files (viewtopic.php and edit.php)

I can't find all 3 of the lines that need to be replaced in these files.

Many thanks. I am new to PunBB, so I don't know where to find this stuff.

Thanks, but I looked there already. It only contains some of the text. I want to change the part about saving the log and password, but that text is not in lang/English/register.php

I would like to alter the wording of the text on the Registration page. Which file will I find that it?


Sweet. Works perfectly.