This is what I mean:

I need the nav to change, but I want the breadcrumb menu to keep saying Index.

Whoops - that was too radical. The breadcrumb menu changed too, so now I have

About >> Test forum >> Test post

I need to find how to change the menu only.

I am introducing a portal page, so now my nav has 2 links: 'Index' and 'Forum'. However, I want to change the word in the nav from 'Index' to 'Home' - how do I do that?

Changing the url a link points to was easy enough, but changing the actual word is harder!

I am glad I got the ball rolling by suggesting phpSpell! And eternal thanks to Smartys for working out how to implement it.

Could someone put all this together and formally make it a mod? At the moment one has to read through all the posts in this thred to find all the stages.


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Many thanks Zeke - the mods to viewtopic.php and profile.php have removed all the email links.

Anyone have any ideas why I am getting a parse error on spell_config.php?

I pasted in exactly as specified by Smartys.

That's line:385 in which file?

Nearly there...

I get the spell check window to open, but nothing happens. I seem to remember this happening when I ran it in phpBB, but I can't recall how I fixed it. :-(

Also, when trying to go to spell_admin.php I get the following error message:

Parse error: parse error in /home/..../public_html/spelling/spell_config.php on line 187

This is referring to: 

include 'spell_MySQL.php';

which was part of what was added in the mod.

You are a hero - I will test it today.


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Thanks for that.

I do want to find a way to prevent them from emailing each other, as the users will be university students and I am obliged to respect their privacy. I intend to let them exchange email addresses via private messages, but I don't want it possible for anyone's email address be revealed by users emailing each other within the punBB interface.

They are unlikely to bother to tweak their profiles, so I do need a down-and-dirty way to stop emailing, and removing the link is as dirty as it gets!

I want to make it impossible for my visitors to email each other. How can I remove the email links from the poster info areas of messages?

For spell checking I think phpSpell would do the trick. It comes with install instructions for most of the common php message boards, though none for punbb. It shouldn't be too hard for someone to figure it out. … wnload.php

I hope someone figures out how to implement it, as ot woll bo a loaf sayver!


One thing though, how can I remove the IP address in the sender's info area?


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Sorry, but I am very new to PunBB, and I do not know how to do these mods:

Yes, I am VERY new!
Can someone show me the way?