Excellent! I am pleased that you found a solution!

I do not have openoffice on this PC but if you do not get any joy then let me know as I do have it on my home PC that I will be on tomorrow! big_smile

I think if you are in Excel you can change to a custom field specifying exactly what I put above and it will convert all your dates to this format(I think)

yes it doesn't matter that it doesn't know it is a date though it does need to be in the datetime format which is


So you need to really format your spreadsheet to accommodate the date looking exactly like that, or if you have to have your date as per your past examples you will have to store them as a string which will need the '' or "" around it!

Hope this helps!

yes then you may find you need to include the time as well


2010-08-19 00:00:00

Though I am not sure if you could get away with just the date part

I think you would need

$mail_message = str_replace('<user_ip>', $user_info['registration_ip'], $mail_message);

This will look for <user_ip> in the mail template and will replace with the IP address.

Is this what you wanted?

If you have selected date as the format for your table then it needs to be in this format


you other issue is because strings need to be enclosed by ""

Hope this helps!


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ah excellent - thanks!


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How do you get the code in those nice colours?


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I managed to combine the two mods to get this working. Please test at your own risk



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I'm going to guess that it is almost certainly this section though I have not tested it yet. Will do so shorty and report back

<hook id="ps_start"><![CDATA[
// tag handling function
function handle_video_tag($videoUri) {
    global $forum_config;
    $match = array();
    // dirty trick to play arround do_clickable
    preg_match('`href="([^"]+)"`', stripslashes($videoUri), $match);
    if(!empty($match[1])) {
        $videoUri = $match[1];


<hook id="ps_do_bbcode_replace"><![CDATA[
// add pattern to catch [video]blahblah[/video]
$pattern[] = '`\[video\]([^\[]+)\[/video\]`e';
$replace[] = 'handle_video_tag(\'$1\')';


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Ok, I have managed to accomplish a few things.

Firstly, the confusing first line that looks to be in Russian can be changed in data/chat.dat to something more fitting.

There is then an option within each user profile to expand or retract the chat box for those who do not want it taking up the whole of the top of their forum.

I managed to move mine to the bottom of the forum nicely. To do this I uninstalled the extension and  edited this (around line 136) on manifest.xml

<hook id="in_main_output_start">


<hook id="in_info_output_start">

Hope this helps someone


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Ah perhaps that is what threw me in the first instance! I did change the language file with success but I do not like how much of the top of my forum it takes up..

I will try to understand the code more and maybe I can move it to the bottom of the forum!

Thanks for your prompt reply - I see you are very active with Punbb which is great to see!


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Hi there

This does work for me though I would like to know two things:

1. - How to change from Russian to English?

2. - I would prefer the chat to be at the bottom of the forum and not the top - is this possible?

Thanks a lot for a great extension

Thanks! That is reassuring!

I look forward to hearing about your extensions! I'm already very intrigued!

All the best!


Hi bedroom

Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

I have done this and I get no warnings although I personally do not get any new posts so I am unsure if it working or not at the moment.

Have you done any other extensions at all? If so, do you have a list? It is nice to see someone still active around here!

Hi there

I have been looking for something like this however on installing I get this error - can you help?

Warning: Missing argument 4 for DBLayer::add_field(), called in /var/www/vhosts/ollysguitar.com/subdomains/forums/httpdocs/admin/extensions.php(176) : eval()'d code on line 3 and defined in /var/www/vhosts/ollysguitar.com/subdomains/forums/httpdocs/include/dblayer/mysqli.php on line 364


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Actually I got it resolved by creating a file called sitemap.xml and changing the permissions to 777 then it now works.


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Hi there

I seem have an issue with the latest version.

Firstly it would seem that when I approve posts for some reason the post count stays at zero?

Also I am trying to approve a post and I get this:

The error occurred on line 1506 in /var/www/vhosts/domain.com/subdomains/forums/httpdocs/extensions/pun_approval/functions.php

Database reported: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 (Errno: 1064).

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot


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Hi there

Does this work with the latest version? I have isntalled today and hoped to find something like this extension however when I install I get

"Could not create sitemap.xml on forum root."

Any ideas would be gratefully received.