That sounds like a job for SuperPun!

IdleFire wrote:

What I don't get is, why have moderators that you don't trust, having any sort of control over your board? Seems a little... weird to me.

I agree... What is the point in having a moderator with no power. LoL


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Italiano wrote:

hello, me again. I am currently running 1.2.7 so do I need to upgrade first to 1.2.8 then to 1.2.9 or can I go straight to 1.2.9?

As far as I know you can upgrade straight to 1.2.9. It is the current download. All the other and past upgrades are in 1.2.9.


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I was reading another post in this forum called Meta Tags. I learned what I need to do with my meta tags but I have a question. Once I add the meta tags to main.tpl all the meta tags show up on the raw source of every page on my website. I want to add my meta tags but only want them on one page (ie: index.php). How should I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance for all your help...


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I just upgraded to 1.2.9 myself. So far so good. smile


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Your style is great. I really like it.

Nice... Very nice!


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This feature would be great!

Perfect... Thanks shinko_metsuo!


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I wanted to let you all know about a online bookmark website. What they do is store your bookmarks online. It is a free program to use. They also have features that you can pay for. It is one of the best bookmarking websites I have ever signed up for. Click here for more information.

Here is a screenshot of the way I have my LinkaGoGo.

I need help. I want to lock my User list (Members) unless you are logged in to the forum. How can I go about doing this?


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It is working great now.... Thanks Rickard!

That is a great idea. I would like to see something like this on PunBB.


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I have a wierd question. On this board my signature line is not working? How can I get it to work?

I have over 600 invites... You want one?


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I am looking for a good Image Host. I want a good place to store my images for the message boards that I chat on. I currently use What do you guys use?

What file are we suppose to edit for this mod?


Thank you so much. By changing it in the language file it changed it in the profile.php. See below.

// Profile display stuff
'Not activated' =>    'This user hasn\'t activated his/her account yet. The account is activated when he/she logs in the first time.',
'Unknown' =>    '(Unknown)',    // This is displayed when a user hasn't filled out profile field (e.g. Location)
'Private' =>    '(Private)',    // This is displayed when a user does not want to receive e-mails
'No avatar' =>    '(No avatar)',
'Show posts' =>    'Show all posts',
'Realname' =>    'Real name',
'Location' =>    'Location',
'Website' =>    'Website',
'Jabber' =>    'Paltalk',
'ICQ' =>    'ICQ',
'MSN' =>    'MSN Messenger',
'AOL IM' =>    'AOL IM',
'Yahoo'    =>    'Yahoo! Messenger',
'Avatar' =>    'Avatar',
'Signature' =>    'Signature',


In the profile you can add messenger services. I wanted to replace Jabber with Paltalk on my board. What steps do I go through to do this? Thanks in advance for your help.