the empty span is still there (1.2.10) if there is no "Board description" set in
administration -> options.  as this is not a mandatory setting, i consider this
a very low low low priority bug which breaks the validation.

here's the patch against 1.2.10, it's really brain dead simple,
it can be done without an if so doesn't disturb the source very much.

ps. as i read back the discussion now, the nbsp is not a good idea.
the admin can still set the "Board description" to nbsp if very inclined to,
it can contain html after all.

4zivly is a summer movie seminar which takes place in Banska Stiavnica,
in the heart of Slovakia, Europe.

it is organized by a small group of people this year for the 8th time.

the forum is here

when this year's design is complete, the forum will be skinned accordingly.


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nobody should be using register_globals anyway these days.
they are evil.

make sure it's turned off in php.ini

i still use 1.2.5 with 1.2.6 (stealth) patches (sad versioning i must say)
i don't use development versions.

but i agree, it's certainly more php.  but then we could leave out a *lot* of php
and get ugly code, couldn't we?

sometimes the "useless" character helps to keep the style or the table structure.
nbsp is certainly very useful in many cases...

if all this is fixed in 1.3, that's great, when's 1.3 coming out? ;-)

i use firefox with the "html validator (based on tidy) 0.5.9, which says

"The errors and warnings are generated by Tidy. This program is originally developed by the Web Consortium W3C."

empty tags are very minor "notices".
consider me a hard core validator ;-)

one more empty tag on viewtopic.php:

                    <dd class="postavatar"></dd>

no no, it's a misunderstanding.
i am not talking about the topics, but the replies in a particular topic....

and those, no matter what you do last post is always the last.


the very first thing: i don't have a site tagline, so i get a

<div id="brdtitle" class="inbox">

and should be:
            <p><span></span> </p>

well, yes and no.  i don't run any mods yet.

the warnings are mostly coming from "placeholders".
things which are on the page but the variable is empty.
these should be changed to nbsp's.  you get empty tags otherwise.

are there plans to make punbb 100% w3c compliant?

the code is certainly very clean, respect.  but still i get 4-5 warnings on some of the pages.

this page is ok, for example, but on my forum i get:

line 18 column 7 - Warning: trimming empty <span>

i know these are silly and absolutely harmless.
but it is so easy to fix it....

is there a chance this gets into the next version?
i mean reversing the other of the posts seems like quite a basic function to me...

even better, make it a user option.  every user has his/her preference in what order to watch the posts, don't they?

hi there,

is it by design that there is no non-breaking space between "by" and the poster name on index.php but there is on viewforum.php?

<span class="byuser">by xyz</span></td>


<span class="byuser">by xyz</span></td>

i find this a bit incosistent...  and like the latter more...


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i would like to ask the developers to reconsider their versioning policy...

i would like to make a port (package) of punbb for openbsd and issues like
"here is version 1.2.5 but you should also apply these 2 patches"
make packaging impossible...

if you don't like (for whatever reason i can't imagine) to increase the version number,
at least make it different in any other way: 1.2.5 -> 1.2.5a, 1.2.5p0, or whatever else.

please read this document which tries to show a bit of insight into the work of
packagers (as opposed to the work of developers): … aging.html

thank you for your time and the great board app.