Unfortunately, I don't. I can beta test as an end user, but not what you are looking for. Sorry.

kierownik wrote:

but how do you like the look now, when you look at the printscreens?!

Very impressive!!!

kierownik wrote:

4- not sure how to go about it, and why?

Checkout the Forums option under Administration to see how it is done.

You may only want to display certain categories to moderators, different categories to members and different categories to guests.

kierownik wrote:

Maby a seperate page where everyone can see the link-hits?!


More ideas:
- Duplicate a link and assign it to another category
- Specify text for the Title attribute of link
- Specify sort for each category (alphabetical, last added, # of hits (descending))
- Specify groups that can see each category

kierownik wrote:

3. what owner, you mean the one that submited the link?

Yes or a unique URL for each link to display the # of hits.

Some ideas:
- Specify icon image for each category
- Specify position order of links
- Allow the owner's link to see stats


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Thank you!

How to incorporate this into the viewtopic.php?

Is this a possible option to convert the gif to jpg format upon uploading the avatar? From then on, it would be treated as a jpg and not a gif file. How?


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How to accept gif only, but not animated gif for avatar? If not, is there a way to keep only the first frame before saving the file to the avatar directory? Thanks.


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We use FTG at http://www.bebosoft.com/products/formstogo/.

Another feature request: Banning rights. To individually ban members from posting if necessary.

CodeXP wrote:

Ok, I think my ajax modification if the chatbox is working well enough for a release now smile

As I've previously mentioned, here are the most important functions I've added:
* AJAX for posting & refreshing chatbox.
* Added a delete function for moderators and admins. This is also handled using AJAX.

[Download here]

This is not accessible at the moment. Where else can this be downloaded? Thank you.


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Why? How to enable it? Thank you.


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The smilies and bbcodes of the results are not parsed. Is this intentional? Thank you.

Feature request: Upload more than 1 attachment at a time. If the maximum attachment is 3, then display 3 attachment fields. Currently, you have to save the posting and then edit the posting to add more attachments. Thank you for your consideration.

The uploaded images are written with permission 600. The mini images are fine. How to fix the uploaded images to be 644? Thank you.

yelowpunk wrote:

The avatar gallery works fine. But it's just image upload to a directory.

The PunBB Gallery requires some sort of image manipulation, no?


pokemon_jojo wrote:
yelowpunk wrote:

The PunBB Gallery requires some sort of image manipulation, no?

Nop ! No manipulation, just a limitaion about max size (see your php.ini, but normaly 2 or 3 Mo)

I'm testing this on OSX 10.3.8 Client and this is the error I'm getting:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function:  imagecreatefromgif() in /Library/WebServer/Documents/punbb/gallery.php on line 169

Tim, check your Apache error log to see what error message you are getting.

Sorry I can't help you further. I'm stuck. I don't even get an error message...just a blank screen. Very frustrating. ;(

yelowpunk wrote:

I need to edit the gallery.php file to lookup the users table, instead of the pun_users table, right? Since I installed PunBB with no prefixes, and this php file is trying to access a pun_ prefixed table?

Yes you need to change the table name in gallery.php to how you have it.

My problem is that after hitting submit to upload that a blank screen appears and the file info is not saved in the table. Why?

Confirm on this line 293 that the name of your Users table is pun_users:

$gal_result = $db->query('SELECT gal.*, user.username AS username FROM pun_gallery AS gal, pun_users AS user WHERE gal.user_id = user.id ORDER BY gal.date_ajout DESC LIMIT '.$start_from.', '.$nb_images_by_page.'') or error('Unable to select all image in DB Gallery', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());