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admin/bans.php (line 412) - Change the hard-coded value 'Add' to a language entry.


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In search.php (line 691), the hook 'se_new_action' is inside the default case. If more cases are added, do you use the if statement to separate them?

Also, which hook to use to add more entries to $pun_url in include/url/Default.php?


I spoke too soon. smile It is easier to add a custom script (banner advertising) using pun_include between <!-- pun_stats --> and <!-- pun_about -->, and above <!-- pun_stats --> than using hooks.


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We want to have a custom description meta tag for the index page. In header.php, it doesn't appear that this can't be easily done since the description meta tag and title tag utilize the generate_crumbs function. Is there a workaround? Thanks.

Smartys wrote:

The question is whether it's better to just let extensions take over, since they're more flexible.

That too smile . Plus with extensions there is a central place where custom modifications are kept.

No. We won't be using pun_include to avoid touching core file(s).

Just curious. In 1.3, are hooks replacing pun_include?


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Nice one! Thank you.

index.php (line 88)

'WHERE'        => 'fp.read_forum IS NULL OR fp.read_forum=1',

'WHERE'        => '(fp.read_forum IS NULL OR fp.read_forum=1)',

in order to add an AND condition.


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The userlist is hardcoded to display 50 users per page. Should this number be changeable with a hook?

Smartys wrote:

That's done implicitly with the flood limit. One email per 60 seconds is 60 emails per hour; one email per 300 seconds is 12 emails per hour. Etc. smile

True. However, with the additional setting plus the flood limit, you can have 60 seconds and limit to 10 emails per hour.

Here is an idea. Also limit to the # of emails that can be sent per hour per user.

Sorry, I don't know. Is there a way to accept submissions from the site and block remote submissions? Perhaps there will be a captcha extension that can be used here.

At the moment, the form for 'Send e-mail via forum' can be submitted remotely. Consequently, email flooding can still be achieved with an automated script, but at the specified email flood interval. Right? Should this be a concern?


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'Adjust for DST' is checked during registration, but it is not saved to the database.

If censoring is enabled, should censoring be applied to subscription emails & 'Send e-mail via forum' function?


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Smartys wrote:

Yes, since the email sending permission also forbids users from seeing email addresses that people included in their profiles and made public.

But Guests never see members' email addresses. Thus, Users > Groups > Guest > Edit > "Allow users to send e-mails to other users." is not applicable and should not be an option.


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Rev #1575. Is the email permission applicable for Guests group?

Also, when email permission is disabled, then Profile > Settings > E-mail Settings should not be displayed???


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Read some information on date validating (isdate, checkdate, strtotime, etc...), but which is the best way to do date validating for the following:

The start and end dates will be specified from month, day, and year drop-down menus.

Validate that start date and end date are valid dates.
Validate that start date is greater than or equal to today.
Validate that end date is greater than or equal to start date.

Then what is the syntax to convert these dates (mm/dd/yyyy) to unix timestamp?

Thank you.


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Is it possible to RSS/Atom by category or the entire board?

When RSS/Atom by forum, please include the forum name with the board title.

When RSS/Atom by thread, please include the author name with the topic title. At the moment in Firefox, they are listed as this:

Re: Test
Re: Test
Re: Test

It would be better to display as this:
Re: Test - User1
Re: Test - Uers2
Re: Test - User1
Test - User2



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Censoring is enabled, however, censoring is not applied to the message.


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In moderate, do the same for the page navigation links for topics with more than 1 page.


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forums.php (after line 490) - Be able to specify other options to sort by (ex. subject).

"An e-mail will be sent to your new address with an activation link. You must click the link in the e-mail you receive to activate the new address. You must therefore ensure that you enter a valid and current e-mail address."

The above text is being used for new registration and change e-mail address. It is more applicable to change e-mail address than new registration. The text for new registration should be slightly different from the above.


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How about adding "# of replies" to "Sort results by"? Then we can easily see which topics having many postings.