Connorhd wrote:

I guess that post didn't go into the database for some reason.

It happened with 80% of the posts.

No, he only uploaded the stuff to the server. ^^;

I have not deleted anything.
I got someone on Dreamhost to help me. ^^;

I don't think he deleted anything.

Oh, thanks. smile

But, why is many of the posts blank?
Like this one: … hp?id=1020

Good for you... xD

Thanks, I have runed the SQL now, but what do you mean with rebuild the search index?
Sorry for being a noob. ^^;

OK, you can look at it... xD

Thanks. smile


File: /home/.genoa/assdakanintyboy/
Line: 132

PunBB reported: Unable to fetch search index words

Database reported: Table 'bss.kiwizone_search_words' doesn't exist (Errno: 1146)



OK, but where do I find the error messages in DEBUG mode?

"Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/.genoa/assdakanintyboy/ on line 149" You mean this one?

I still need help.
the members is begining to leave the board... T_T;

And btw.
What the h*ll!?

Connorhd wrote:

Benny, wtf,

AssD its because when i told you to delete the search inserts you deleted the tables too i guess.

Oh, what should I do? ^^;

This comes up everytime I post at my board now.

Hm, OK...

It does not work in pieces.
I just get errors.
Putty does not work ether.

But how do I upload it?
It is to big. hmm


How do I send my board  to a new server?
Connor said something about deleting something in my backup, but I don't know anything more than that...
Does anyone know?

This is one of the thing I have tried to get!
Great! ^_^


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Everything works now.
Thanks for help everyone. smile


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I posted it on the board that they got, but it did not help. hmm


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Lol, how do I ask a host?


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An error occured on line 58 in file /home/.genoa/assdakanintyboy/

PunBB reported: Unable to connect to MySQL server. MySQL reported: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)

It is impossible to do anything now on the board because I deleted the database-stuff. hmm

I have now started a new one, but I don't know what to do.
But I will try.

I'm trying to restore a board from a .sql-file (that is from MyPunBB) but it wont work.
Maybe it is something wrong with the database.

See yourself. hmm


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Endre wrote:

Generell is spelt with 2 l's at the end wink (bottom category in the forum)
Ellers ser det jo fint ut!

Are you sure? o.O