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How about to add support for PHP accelerators?
Like eAccelerator or xcache to store config.php values, user data or even cache.

I'm going to test xcache with punbb 1.4.2 in few weeks and post the results here.


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hcs wrote:

Lightokun, what version of the browser?

SRWare Iron    17.0.1000.1 (Official Build 125000)
Based on google chrome.


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Found new bug.
Sometimes, when you quote someone with [ b] tag in message, and try to post, there is error message that says something about [ left] and [ font] tags.

Quoted message looks like:


Also, [ size] doesn't work


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In quick reply, there is no <br> if i: write text, press enter, write text again and submit.
Problem occurs in all modes (new topic, reply, edit)


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Works well now.


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Quoting not working well. After post there is only quote without a comment.

How to reproduce: install wysiwyg, find a post, press "Quote", write a comment, post.
Punbb: 1.4.1
pun_wysiwig: 1.2.0.beta


No wysiwig bar when posting new topic or editing topic/post.


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New suggestion: add info for admin to see who have voted.

add in functions.php:

function show_voted($topic_id) {
    global $forum_user,$forum_db,$lang_pun_poll,$lang_topic,$forum_url;
    /* select votes */
    $query = array(
        'SELECT'    => 'user_id, answer_id',
        'FROM'        => 'voting',
        'WHERE'        => 'topic_id='.$topic_id
    $result = $forum_db->query_build($query) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__);
    while($row = $forum_db->fetch_assoc($result))
        $votes[$row['user_id']] = $row['answer_id'];
    /* select answer string of votes */
    $answers_str = implode(',',$votes);

    if(!empty($answers_str)) {
        $query = array(
            'SELECT'    => 'id,answer',
            'FROM'        => 'answers',
            'WHERE'        => 'id in('.$answers_str.')'

        $result = $forum_db->query_build($query) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__);
        while($row = $forum_db->fetch_assoc($result))
            $answers[$row['id']] = $row['answer'];
        /* select user names */
        $ids = implode(',',array_keys($votes));
        $query = array(
            'SELECT'    => 'id,username,num_posts',
            'FROM'        => 'users',
            'WHERE'        => 'id in ('.$ids.')'
        $result = $forum_db->query_build($query) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__);
        while($row = $forum_db->fetch_assoc($result)) {
            $names[$row['id']]['name'] = $row['username'];
            $names[$row['id']]['posts'] = $row['num_posts'];
        $return = array();
        foreach($votes as $id=>$answ_id)
            $return[] = '<a href="'.forum_link($forum_url['user'], $id).'" title="'.$lang_pun_poll['Voting answer'].': '.forum_htmlencode($answers[$answ_id]).'; '.$lang_topic['Posts info'].' '.$names[$id]['posts'].'">'.forum_htmlencode($names[$id]['name']).'</a>';
        return implode(', ',$return);
    } else return $lang_pun_poll['No voters'];

langfile add in end:

'No voters'                        =>  'No voters',

manifest.xml from line 777 to 778 add

if($forum_user['is_admmod']) {
                    require $ext_info['path'].'/functions.php';
                    $main_elements['<!-- forum_main_pagepost_top -->'] .= '<div class="ct-box info-box"><p>'.show_voted($id).'</p></div>';

http://upload.lpsw.ru/files/original/12 … o-nick.PNG
It is ie6 bug.


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In IE 6, when viewing topic, no names are displayed.
Screenshot: http://upload.lpsw.ru/files/original/12 … o-nick.PNG