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Portal by Daris offers this mate.

Use them on the forum I work on.



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I think he means that it will update the topics etc so it will automatically come up if there are any new posts.

Don't think it would work personally but not the worst idea I've heard.


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Thanks Grez, its 1.3 i'm asking about.

Seen the mark all as read button just wondering if there is any out there to do indivudual topics.



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Just wondering if its possible to mark topics as read.

I know its done on a cookie and I know there is an extension out there that changes it so that the info is held on the server.

What I'm wondering is there a way to add a button near the topic that marks that topic as read so it doesnt appear as having new posts?

This would be great if someone could do it smile

Got an error message!

Nothing what so ever loads on the forum and I'm getting an error message saying:

"This service is unavailable"



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and if they dont have a way round it theres always good old print screen.


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Go to the admin console and change your board title to whatever you want.


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Hi guys,

don't know if this is something anyone else is experiencing but my portals have each word on a different line in the title.

If this is bugging you too,

open the style.css file in the extensions>portal by daris>style folder and change line 15 to read...

.panel .hn {
    padding-right: 0 !important;


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Any ideas anyone?


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I use the portal software in my main forum, so have about 4 panels down the right side. Is there any way to put them down the left side of the forum?

Sorted now guys!

for anyone else who has this problem,

it was a problem in filezilla, although I uploaded the index.php file again, filezilla didn't do it oddly. I deleted the index.php file and uploaded it again.

Right here goes.

I have no idea why but my forum looks extremely bad on IE8. and a few issues in firefox as well.

Its very hard to describe but the web address is www.iroyton.com

Does anyone have any idea what to do to solve it?

I have replaced the main.tpl file with the origninal to see if it was something in that, I have disabled all extensions to see if its one of them, I have changed the text size to try that, I have also replaced all the oxygen style with the original to see if that could be it and i've also replaced the index.php file!

Any ideas guys!

You need to hack your style css.

IE if you are using oxygen as default style then open the oxygen.css file and add the relevant code.

I only know because I've just done it myself.


Use this place to change the font and it will tell you what code to add in etc.


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Your a diamond mate, thanks!


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Hi guys,

I have changed the size of the text for my oxygen theme however some people want it t go back to normal, and others want to keep it.

To do so I will need to make it in to a new theme that people can select but what files would I need to copy?

I have edited the oxygen_cs.css file so that the text is normal again and copied it and all the other files into a new folder called oxygen 1.

I have uploaded these but also guessing that the main.tpl or some other peculiar file needs changing slightly.

Very new at this guys so any help is appreciated smile


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I'm currently working on a new forum and just after a little help on something...

Basically using the PM add on at the minute so the only display you get about a new PM is tiny.

what I would prefer is if a box would come up in the middle of the page saying you have a new private message!

I'm not a massive coder however I'm guessing to do this I will need to use javascript and to add a new_message.php file that will detect if there is a new pm or not.

Am i anywhere near on the right lines?

If not could anyone please give me a clue on this.

I have installed my forum and have it up and running very well!

Obviously to get to my forum i have to go to www.*********.com/forum/

What I want to do is forward it so if someone goes to www.********.com then they will be transferred straight to the /forum

I have tried doing this with forwrding in go daddy however it hasn't worked in the 5 or so times I've tried.

Does anyone know how to do it?