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Hi! I would like to create a new table field in the PunBB forum, with the info on the poster of the thread. For example, now we have Topic | Replies | Views | Last post, I would like to have it as: Topic | Started by | Replies | Views | Last post. Is this possible, without to much tampering with the code, and without screwing the rest of the forums?

Topic | Started by | Replies | Views | Last post
Test   | Nidhögg    | 2         | 4        | Yesterday by someone

Also, in the Index page, is it possible to add a last post topic in the Last post area? In short, I would like it to say Forums | Topics | Posts | Last post -> The supposed "poison NULL byte vulnerability" by mirturk [ and then in the right corner] 2007-05-01 00:39
Again, is this possible?

Forums                 | Topics | Posts | Last post
PunBB.org News    |    3     |   43   | [extension release] Portal by daris             2007-05-01 00:39

Thanks in advance, hope you can help me with my problem smile
If you need further examples, I can always photoshop something for you, just ask if you dont know what Im talking about.

Another thing, while Im at it big_smile Is it possible to merge the topic/posts column into the same, like splitting it into a table where we have topics above posts?
Like this:

Forums                            |  Topic/Posts    |  Last post
Generic forum               |____3________| Read our forums, TODAY
Talk here                         |      5              | by Nidhogg                         2005-02-05 18:47

Hmm.. No-ones gonna understand a word of what Im saying without pictures.. roll
Well, lets see if I can get you some smile

I would really like the code, would be wonderful for our forums smile


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There we go, got it to work, I used http://www.xn--einhrjar-3za.se/forum as base url, and it seems to have done the trick.
Thanks guys smile


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Strange, I use firefox myself and have no problem with the domain name. Do you think it could work if I put the punycode version as the base URL?
It seems that Firefox is to disable IDN support by default, perhaps I should just stop trying to use "fictional" characters as domain name hmm


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Does PunBB have a problem with å ä ö in the domain name? I have had my forum pointing to my ip-adress for some time now, but has set up an domain name I want to use instead. I am browsing the forums at http://www.einhärjar.se/forum/index.php, the base url is set to http://www.einhärjar.se/forum , but I still get Bad HTTP_REFERER. I have cleared cache, double checked the base URL in the database, everything is correct. I have even tried to set the base URL to http://www.einhärjar.se/forum , but nothing works.
Could this be because my domain name contains "ä"?

Easy_Poll-1.1.3.zip - Author: Mediator

"You are running a version of PunBB (1.2.16) that this mod does not support. This mod supports PunBB versions: 1.2.3, 1.2.4, 1.2.5, 1.2.6"

Im sure you can get it to work just fine by messing with the files, but "out of the box" this mod does not support 1.2.16/17. At least, so it says if someone tries to install it following readme.txt.

fhelikK: To make this mod "work" for 16/17, just add those numbers to line 12, in install_mod.php. Example:

// One or more versions of PunBB that this mod works on. The version names must match exactly!
$punbb_versions    = array('1.2.3', '1.2.4', '1.2.5', '1.2.6', '1.2.16', '1.2.17');

However, I dont know if this will work any good or f*ck up your forums, this code just fake mod compability to work with the new versions. If anything critical has been changed since 1.2.6, this could mess with the database.

Isn´t there anyone who can solve this problem?

Hmm, ok.. Thanks, I´ll just see if I can find subforum mod big_smile
Sorry for going offtopic, but I would really like to see this mod on my 1.2.16 install, also, a sub-forum mod would be great as well, so I guess its win-win big_smile Now, its just a matter of finding the mod..

I guess theres no way to use this on 1.2.x?

Hi! Im back! big_smile
I have just re-launched my old webpage (altho new domain, new purpose, etc), and Im trying to add wowhead item stats into my forum. It works, the problem is, any text written after an item link, appear right behind the item, no matter how many times I press enter in the text box.
You can see it here:
After Doombringer, the "Skriv" text got moved to just behind Doombringer, even tho I wanted it to be on a new line.
Any thoughts on how I can fix this? I have mainly edited header.php and includer/parser.php as guided on http://www.wowhead.com/?forums&topic=3464.3#p42456
I can post both documents if you want to look through them and see what the problem could be.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work with this wonderful forum smile

Hiya! Back again tongue

Anyway, it was a while since I last dealt with PunBB, but now since I´ve booted up my linux server again (started a ventrilo server for friends) I found software on it for a webserver, with php and mysql, so I decided to make a small personal webpage..
My problems atm is only the padding of the links in the menu (index, logout etc), I want to move the links up a few pixels, but cant find where to edit it.. Any tips?
Also, I want to add an second menu on top of the forum one, with my own personal links within my page.. I have an page for this, meny.php, but cant find anywhere to insert it, everywhere I try I just mess upp the forum.. Any tips on this as well?

The webpage: Nidhogg.mine.nu

Thanks in advance!!


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Fäften, annars skickar jag max_w på er! :P


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Is there any way to implent this to an .asp-file?


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Hahaha.. Vackra jöh :D


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Nu vet jag inte exakt vilka versioner som kom efter beta 3, men om jag inte minns fel måste du först uppdatera till 1.0 RC1, sen 1.0 RC2, sedan till 1.0 och till sist till 1.0.1.. KAN ha fel, men jag har för mig det är nått sånt.


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No quote. Period.


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Fixat nu, det har blivit lite fel rättigheter när dom flyttade runt lite tydligen =)


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Har funkat klockrent förut.. Har Kennel nån idé?
Verkar nästan som att någon på webbhotellet pillat med några inställningar..
Har mailat supporten också, ska se vad dom säger.


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I can live without HTML, but it would be nice to add some more BB Code


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Should I write in english too? big_smile


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Har ett till förslag, att helt enkelt splitta posts-cellerna..
Kolla http://www.nrkpgnagare.com/annat/punbb/Förslag.htm

Antingen köra så, eller köra grått på den som går mellan dom så man ser att dom hör till varann..
Vad tycks?


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Kommit på nått än?


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Kriptonic wrote:

Darth AND Kennel -

The PunBB equivelant of  phpBB's overall_header.tpl and overall_footer would be header.php and footer.php


phpBB uses a system to call these files from .tpl which stands for template. All though punBB makes it much more simple and puts html in php files.

simply by putting stuff like this


print <html>
print <head>

and so on for your webpage


If you do need help editing the php file for editing things, the please let us know. smile

Well, I think Kennel knows what he is doing/saying, he is after all the guy who created and wrote PunBB wink


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Kennel wrote:

Nidhogg wrote:

And i lost an avatar (mine), just one, and thats about it..

Hmm, you lost an avatar? That's weird. It shouldn't happen.

Yeah, but it still happened.. But just to me, not to any of the other users..
Maybe it just was a glitch smile


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I did an overwrite and all I lost was some info in main.tpl (my .png-logo for example) and the style i used wouldnt work, but it was just to rewrite it a bit, for example, everything in the old style was named pun_* and now pun*, just deleted the _ and it worked..
Since it was named Gnaget.css it did´nt get replaced by the new styles, so it was so much of a loss..
And i lost an avatar (mine), just one, and thats about it..
No posts etc, just 3 minor things that was easy to fix..